How to Extract MW2 DMZ IFAK

If you’re a player of MW2 DMZ, you’ve likely encountered the term “IFAK.” But what exactly is an IFAK, and how can you find and extract it in this gaming world? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of MW2 DMZ IFAKs, from what they are to where you can locate them. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your MW2 DMZ adventure, this guide will provide you with all the information you need.

What is an IFAK in MW2 DMZ?

An IFAK in MW2 DMZ stands for Individual First Aid Kit. It’s a valuable in-game item that can be found across the maps on Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, and Vondel. However, it’s important to note that an IFAK in MW2 DMZ is a rare loot pool item.

Understanding IFAK’s Use

While IFAKs are essential in real-life emergency situations, in MW2 DMZ, they serve a different purpose. Unlike other healing supplies, IFAKs provide no health benefit to the player. Instead, they can be sold in the game for $100, allowing you to acquire other items or perks. The primary goal of the IFAK in MW2 DMZ is to complete the Health Conscious mission.

Finding IFAKs in MW2 DMZ

Randomized Locations

One of the unique aspects of MW2 DMZ is that all loot is randomized at the start of each lobby. This means that there is no single specific location where players can go to find an IFAK. Instead, players need to be resourceful in their search.

Likely Spawning Locations

IFAKs are typically found in first aid kits or medicine cabinets, where other healing supplies would likely be. These kits and medical supplies often spawn in bathrooms across the maps. Players may need to search around several bathroom areas if they do not find an IFAK on their first attempt.

Hospital Locations

Additionally, IFAKs can be found in hospital locations on each DMZ map. Exploring these hospital areas can increase your chances of discovering an IFAK.

Extracting IFAKs in MW2 DMZ

Once you’ve located an IFAK in MW2 DMZ, the next step is to extract it. This is crucial if you aim to complete the Health Conscious mission.

Picking Up the IFAK

To extract the IFAK, players need to first pick it up. This involves interacting with the item in the game, allowing your character to obtain it.

Finding the Extraction Point

After acquiring the IFAK, you’ll need to carry it to the extraction point. The extraction point is marked on the map and can be found in various locations across the game map.

Completing the Mission

Upon reaching the extraction point, players must interact with it to complete the mission and extract the IFAK successfully. This step is essential to reap the rewards of your efforts.

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1: Can I use an IFAK for healing in MW2 DMZ?

A: No, IFAKs in MW2 DMZ do not provide any health benefits to the player. They are solely used for completing the Health Conscious mission or selling for in-game currency.

2: Are IFAK locations the same in every game lobby?

A: No, the location of IFAKs in MW2 DMZ is randomized at the start of each lobby. Players must explore various areas to find them.

3: What should I do if I can’t find an IFAK in the bathrooms?

A: If you’re having trouble finding an IFAK in bathrooms, consider exploring hospital locations on each DMZ map. IFAKs can also be found there.

4: How do I complete the Health Conscious mission with an IFAK?

A: To complete the Health Conscious mission, you need to find an IFAK, pick it up, carry it to the extraction point, and interact with the extraction point in MW2 DMZ.

5: Can I sell an IFAK for in-game currency?

A: Yes, IFAKs can be sold in MW2 DMZ for $100, allowing you to acquire other items or perks.

6: Are there any specific strategies for finding IFAKs?

A: Since IFAK locations are randomized, there are no guaranteed strategies. However, focusing on bathrooms and hospital locations can increase your chances.


In MW2 DMZ, the search for IFAKs adds an exciting element to the gameplay. While they may not provide healing benefits, they are valuable for completing missions and earning in-game currency. Remember that IFAK locations are randomized, so exploring various areas, especially bathrooms, and hospitals, is key to finding and extracting these elusive items. Now that you have a better understanding of IFAKs in MW2 DMZ, you’re better equipped for your gaming adventures.

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