How to Do Finishing Moves in MW3

Finishing moves in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) allow players to eliminate opponents with flair using stylish and brutal animations. Executing these satisfying takedowns requires timing, positioning, and the right gear – unlocking and equipping finishing moves can add variety and allow players to showcase their personalities. However, finishing moves come with distinct tradeoffs. This guide will explore executing and unlocking finishing moves, using optimal gear, and strategies to utilize them effectively.

Executing Finishing Moves

To perform a finishing move in MW3:

  1. Approach Target from Behind – Finishing moves can only trigger when positioned directly behind an enemy player. Flank cleverly to get the drop on foes.
  2. Time Melee Attack – Press the melee button (R3 on controllers, V on PC) at the right moment while near the enemy’s back.
  3. Have a Finisher Equipped – Ensure you’ve equipped a finishing move for your current Operator via the Customize tab.

If done correctly, your Operator will perform the equipped finishing move animation, eliminating the enemy player. Certain factors influence variations, like whether the enemy is standing, crouched, or prone.

Finishing Move Considerations

When utilizing finishing moves:

  • Remain aware of your surroundings – don’t tunnel vision!
  • Vary timing and approach direction – be unpredictable.
  • Use strategically when a quiet, quick takedown is required.
  • Practice regularly to improve timing and execution.

The high-risk, high-reward nature of finishing moves makes them situational but highly satisfying.

How to Do Finishing Moves MW3

Unlocking New Finishing Moves

Players can unlock new finishing moves through:

  • Battle Pass Tiers – Choose sectors with new operators and their signature moves.
  • Operator Bundles – Purchase bundles, including cosmetic finishers.
  • Vault Edition – Includes unique activities for several operators.
  • In-game store – Buy additional finishers directly.

When logged into the same profile, finishing moves also occur between Call of Duty titles.

Customizing Equipped Finisher

To choose a finishing move to use in matches:

  1. Navigate to the Operators tab in the Multiplayer menu.
  2. Select the desired Operator.
  3. Go to Customize and choose Finishing Moves.
  4. Equip selected finisher.

Repeat to set up preferred finishers for each Operator to match play style and personal flair.

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Optimal Gear for Finishing Moves

Certain perks and equipment complement finishing move usage:

  • Covert Sneakers – Muffles footsteps to enhance stealth.
  • Blacklight Flashlight – Temporarily blinds enemies to enable flanks.
  • Flashbangs – Distract and disorient foes.

Leveraging tools that obscure player approach or impair enemy awareness facilitates finishing move execution.

Employing Finishing Moves Effectively

To successfully work finishing moves into combat flow:

  • Choose opportune moments – don’t force attempts.
  • Assess surroundings thoroughly before committing.
  • Mix up timing and angle of attack.
  • Abort if detected – the animation locks players in place once initiated.

Remaining unpredictable and not overextending into dangerous situations is critical. The high-risk, high-reward nature of finishing moves makes them ideal when pulled off successfully, but poor timing can leave players extremely vulnerable.


Mastering finishing moves in MW3 requires practice, creativity, and intelligent evaluation of combat scenarios. Unlocking new finishers enables self-expression, while the right perks and gear give players an edge. Ultimately, finishing moves deliver incredible flair when appropriately executed, cementing MW3 as one of the most stylish Call of Duty titles. Combining personalized flair and tactical prowess allows players to eliminate enemies with satisfying efficiency.

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