How to Breed a Suzaku in Palworld

The Suzaku is one of the rare and powerful legendary creatures in Palworld. Getting your hands on this majestic phoenix Pal requires embarking on a special breeding quest. Here is a step-by-step guide on How to Breed Suzaku Palworld.

How to Obtain the Parent Pals

Breeding a Suzaku starts with getting your hands on a Suzaku itself and a compatible partner, Pal.

Catching a Suzaku

Suzaku spawn in the sandy dunes of the Duneshelter region in Palworld’s northeastern desert. They are more likely to appear during daylight hours.

When you spot a Suzaku, send out your strongest Water-type Pals and use long-range attacks. The Suzaku’s Fire affinity makes it weak against Water attacks. Use berries or bait to lower its HP before throwing Pok├ęballs to catch it.

Catch several Suzakus, as you’ll need one later for breeding. Make sure to have both male and female Suzakus.

Finding a Compatible Partner Pal

With a Suzaku caught, you’ll need a compatible partner pal of the opposite gender next. While technically, any opposite gender Pal can produce an egg, certain pairings have higher chances of passing down the Suzaku’s traits or making rare colour variants.

How to Breed Suzaku Palworld

How to Higher Chance of Suzaku Egg

Pairing the Suzaku with the following Pals can increase the chances of obtaining a Suzaku egg:

  • Molitz (Fire affinity improves compatibility)
  • Fueguin or Fuepal (similar Fire bird species)
  • Pyroofy or Pyroone (Fire-types match Suzaku’s affinity)

How to Chance of Rare Color Variants

Pairing with these species opens up the possibility of color-variant Suzaku offspring:

  • Osampo – Can produce a Shiny Suzaku
  • Rainpawn or Watawing – Can produce a Suzaku Aqua
  • Dirtturtle or Mudadillo – There is a small chance of Suzaku Terra

So, catch a few of these as well for breeding. Make sure you have male and female variants of your chosen partner species.

What Are The Breed Process

With parent Pals ready, it’s time to breed your Suzaku! Follow these steps:

Build a Breeding Farm

Construct a Breeding Farm on your Pal Pad. This is where the breeding magic will happen.

Place the Parent Pals

Put a male and female pairing into the Breeding Farm enclosure. For best results, use a Suzaku and a compatible species mentioned earlier.

Initiate Breeding

Toss a Cake into the Breeding Farm. Consuming the cake will trigger the Pals to start breeding.

Now, you need to wait. Stay nearby so you can witness the egg being produced.

Wait for the Egg

It takes some time for the Pals to produce an egg. Hang around the farm, and eventually, a large egg will materialize inside.

The egg will take on the appearance of the mother’s species. But the contents will be revealed once it hatches!

Hatch the Egg

Retrieve the egg and add it to an incubator. This can take significant time for legendary Pals, up to 5 Palworld days.

Be diligent and patient! Continue incubating until the egg finally hatches. Hopefully, a brand new Suzaku will emerge!

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How to Caring for the Suzaku

If you succeeded, congratulations! You now have a rare and powerful Suzaku to add to your Pal collection.

Meeting Needs

Like any Pal, Suzakus need ample attention and care. Provide food, grooming, exercise, and entertainment regularly.

Due to their Fire affinity, they also enjoy activities like sunbathing. Let them soak up rays!


As a legendary Pal, Suzakus have phenomenal battle potential. Train your Suzaku to master its Fire moves like Fire Spin, Flamethrower, and Sacred Fire.

Teach TM moves like Solar Beam and Sunny Day to amplify its Fire powers under harsh sunlight.


Spend lots of time playing with and bonding with your Suzaku. Legendary Pals require high friendship to achieve their full strength in battle.

Show your Suzaku love and care; it will grow into a mighty ally!

How to Breed for Color Variants

Breeding a standard Suzaku is an accomplishment, but the real prize is producing one of the rare colour variants.

Breed for Shiny

Use an Osampo paired with a Suzaku for chances of a golden Shiny Suzaku. This is extremely difficult but offers bragging rights!

Try for Aqua

Mate a Rainpawn or Watawing with your Suzaku for small odds of getting a Suzaku Aqua with blue-green feathers.

Shot at Terra

Pairing with a Dirtturtle or Mudadillo can rarely produce a Suzaku Terra with earthen brown plumage.

Have Patience!

The odds of colour variants are slim, so you must be persistent and patient. Breed hundreds of eggs to achieve one of these palette-swapped phoenixes potentially.

The rewarding feeling of finally hatching a Shiny or Aqua Suzaku makes it all worth it in the end!


Embarking on your Suzaku breeding quest in Palworld takes effort but pays off hugely. Follow this breeding guide to learn the techniques and reap the rewards of owning this exceptionally rare creature. With the proper mates and process, a majestic Suzaku can be yours to care for and battle alongside in the Palworld!

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