How to Breed Kitsun in Palworld


Kitsun is a rare and powerful Fire-type Pal in Palworld that can be difficult to obtain. Breeding Kitsun allows you to acquire this elusive creature without searching for it in the wild. By pairing up specific Pal combinations and following the proper steps, you can breed your Kitsun!

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all about the preferred breeding pairs, the breeding process, incubation, and additional requirements for breeding Kitsun in Palworld. With the right information and some luck, you can breed a brand new Kitsun to add to your Pal collection!

Overview of Kitsun

Before diving into the breeding details, let’s first take a quick look at what Kitsun is.

Kitsun is a fox-like Pal with large ears, nine tails, and mystical abilities. It has an orange-red fur coat and can use fire-based attacks. Kitsun is inspired by the Japanese folklore surrounding mythical fox spirits called “Kitsune.”

In Palworld, Kitsun is categorized as a rare Fire-type Pal. It has high Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense stats. Kitsun excels at inflicting status conditions and stat reduction effects on opponents with moves like Will-O-Wisp, Nasty Plot, and Calm Mind.

A Kitsun on your team provides a strong, special attacker and support Pal. But since it is considered a rare Pal, you’ll need to put in some work to breed this creature.

How to Breed Kitsun Palworld

What Are The Breed Combinations for Kitsun

The key to breeding a Kitsun lies in picking the right breeding pair. Only certain male and female Pals can produce a Kitsun egg when bred together.

Here are some of the top breeding combinations that can result in a Kitsun egg:

  • Foxparks + Lyleen
  • Tanzee + Sweepa
  • Jolthog + Relaxaurus
  • Gumoss + Nitewing
  • Daedream + Nitewing
  • Celaray + Chillet
  • Dumud + Petalia
  • Robinquill + Bushi
  • Bushi + Felbat
  • Ribunny + Quivern

Foxparks and Lyleen are two of the most popular pairs for breeding Kitsun. But there are plenty of combinations that can work. The key things to look for are pairing a Fire or Dark type Pal with another Pal that can pass down high Special Attack or Speed stats.

Always check the male and female Pal’s stats and strengths when picking your breeding pair to boost your chances. Now, let’s look at the breeding process itself.

Breeding Process Step-By-Step

Once you’ve chosen your breeding pair for Kitsun, here are the steps to follow:

1. Add Breeding Pair to Breeding Station

First, add the two Pals you want to breed into the Breeding Station. Interact with the Breeding Station and select “Add Pal” to place both the male and female Pal inside. Make sure you have the pair that can produce a Kitsun egg based on the earlier combinations.

2. Give the Pair Cake

You need to give the Pal pair some Cake to trigger the breeding sequence. Cake can be crafted using cream, eggs, fruits, and wheat. Give the Cake to either the male or female Pal. Feeding them Cake will prompt the breeding ritual.

3. Wait for a Large Scorching Egg

Leave the two Pals undisturbed in the Breeding Station for some time. A heart icon will appear above the station while breeding is in progress. After a while, a Large Scorching Egg will appear inside the station, indicating a successful breeding attempt.

4. Incubate the Egg

Take the Large Scorching Egg and place it in an Egg Incubator. Make sure to orient the egg upright in the incubator. The incubation time for a Kitsun egg is around 45 minutes.

5. Hatch the Kitsun!

Once incubation is complete, you’ll hear cracking sounds from the egg. Interact with the incubator again to hatch your brand-new Kitsun fully!

And that’s it! Follow these steps using the right Pal pair to breed your Kitsun in Palworld.

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Incubation Tips for Kitsun Egg

Here are some tips to keep in mind when incubating a Kitsun egg:

  • Set the egg upright in the incubator for proper incubation.
  • Please don’t remove the egg mid-incubation, or it may get destroyed.
  • You can’t speed up the incubation, so be patient for 45 minutes.
  • Have an empty Pal slot ready for the hatched Kitsun.
  • Ensure interaction with the incubator to hatch the Kitsun once the incubation finishes.
  • If the breeding fails, try again with Cake until you get the Large Scorching Egg.

Following the proper incubation method will ensure your Kitsun hatches are healthy and ready for adventure!

Additional Requirements for Breeding Kitsun

Apart from using compatible breeding pairs, there are a couple of other requirements for having a chance at breeding Kitsun:

  • You need to reach Level 10 or higher to gain access to breeding. So, make sure to level up your game progression sufficiently.
  • A higher friendship level with the breeding pairs can improve your chances. Interact with the Pals regularly to boost friendship.
  • Both parents must be different Pal types in order to breed. You cannot use the same species of Pal for breeding.
  • Some luck is involved, so you may need to try breeding multiple times. Don’t get discouraged!

Fulfilling these extra prerequisites will set you up for success when trying to breed the rare Kitsun Pal in Palworld.

Benefits of Breed Kitsun

Breeding your own Kitsun has plenty of advantages:

  • Get a rare and powerful Kitsun without having to search for one.
  • Pass down great stats and traits to create a strong Kitsun.
  • Save money compared to buying one from the Trading Post.
  • Customize your Kitsun’s nature and strengths.
  • There is a higher chance of a shiny Kitsun with repeated breeding.
  • Show off your accomplishments as a top Pal breeder!


Kitsun is an elusive yet rewarding Pal to breed in Palworld. With the right breeding pairs, incubation steps, and requirements met you can hatch your very own Kitsun to take into battle. Not only is breeding Kitsun an exciting challenge, but it allows you to obtain this rare creature much more easily. Use the pairs listed here, follow the breeding guidelines, and keep trying until you successfully welcome a Kitsun into your Pal party!

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