How Many Battles to Unlock Amiibo Gear in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 has introduced an exciting new feature – unlockable amiibo gear sets. These exclusive headgear, clothing, and shoe items can only be obtained by scanning your Splatoon series amiibo figures. This has left many players wondering: How Many Battles to Unlock Amiibo Gear in Splatoon 3? The answer lies in an intriguing unlock system that rewards you for winning online battles. For the full set, you’ll have to emerge victorious multiple times across various game modes. So whether you’re a casual Turf War player or a competitive Ranked Battle strategist, read on to learn exactly how many wins it takes to collect these stylish pieces of gear. From tips on scanning your amiibo to ranking the different sets, we’ll guide you on getting the most out of this fun new addition to the vibrant world of Splatoon.

Unlocking Amiibo Gear in Splatoon 3

The journey to amassing a complete amiibo gear set begins with a simple act – scanning the amiibo for the first piece. As the digital representation of your amiibo pops up inside the giant amiibo box in Splitsville, you’re set on a path of battles and rewards.

Scan the Amiibo for the First Piece

To kickstart your collection, scan the amiibo of your choice. The first piece of gear is a delightful reward for connecting your amiibo to Splatoon 3.

Unlocking Second Piece after Winning 10 Battles

The thrill intensifies as you engage in battles. The second piece of your amiibo gear set unlocks after achieving victory in 10 battles. Whether you prefer the strategic depth of Ranked mode or the colorful chaos of Turf War, every triumph inches you closer to completing your set.

Unlocking Third Piece after Winning 20 Battles

The final piece awaits those who emerge victorious in a total of 20 battles. The significance of this achievement adds an extra layer of accomplishment to your Splatoon 3 journey.

Amiibo Gear and Battle Modes

The versatility of amiibo gear extends across various battle modes. Whether you’re a Turf War enthusiast or a Ranked mode strategist, the battles you partake in contribute to unlocking your coveted gear.

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Additional Rewards

The allure of amiibo gear goes beyond aesthetics. Alongside the gear pieces, you’ll unlock additional rewards such as Super Sea Snails and Gold Coins. These valuable items add a delightful incentive to your battles.

Amiibo Data Transfer

For those with a Splatoon 2 legacy, the process becomes even more rewarding. Scanning an amiibo with saved data from Splatoon 2 automatically grants you the full set of gear in Splatoon 3.

Tips for Unlocking Amiibo Gear

Using Amiibo in Splatsville

Navigate to Splatsville and position yourself at the bottom of the main stairwell. A giant amiibo box awaits your attention. Activate it, put your Splatoon amiibo on the NFC port, and witness the magic unfold.

Multiple Scans for Unlocking All Gear

For those seeking the complete amiibo gear collection, scanning each amiibo multiple times is the key. Enjoy online battles in between scans to maximize your rewards.

Winning Battles for Amiibo Gear

The crux of unlocking amiibo gear lies in winning battles. The third piece of gear materializes after conquering an additional 10 matches. Keep an eye out for hints at 5 and 15-won games.

Amiibo Gear Not Necessity

While amiibo gear enhances your Splatoon 3 experience, it’s important to note that it’s not necessary for enjoying the game to its fullest. Consider it a fun perk and a fashionable accessory to flaunt in the ink-filled arenas.

Types of Amiibo Gear Sets

Amiibo gear sets come in various designs and functionalities. Each amiibo unlocks a unique set, and some may be more desirable than others. The sets typically include headgear, clothing, and shoes, completing a stylish ensemble for your inkling.

Number of Battles for Different Amiibo Gear Sets

The battle count varies for each amiibo gear set. For instance, unlocking the full set of gear from the Callie amiibo requires winning 10 battles for the Hero Jacket Replica, 20 battles for the Hero Headset Replica, and 30 battles for the Hero Runner Replica.

Ranking Amiibo Gear Sets

As you embark on your journey to collect amiibo gear, you’ll likely have favorites based on design and usefulness in the game. Whether it’s the sleek aesthetic or strategic advantages, each gear set has its unique appeal.


Unlocking amiibo gear in Splatoon 3 adds an engaging layer to your gameplay. From the initial scan to the victorious battles, each step contributes to building a personalized collection of gear. Whether you’re a seasoned inkling or a newcomer to the Splatoon universe, the thrill of unlocking amiibo gear is a rewarding adventure.

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