HoloCure Weapon Tier List

HoloCure has taken the world by storm as a fresh new roguelike where virtual anime girls battle enemies with creative and chaotic weapons. As fun as randomly flinging exploding chickens or spraying rainbow beams may be, you’ll want to understand which arms have the right stuff to carry you to victory. This article will provide HoloCure Weapon Tier List

What Makes a Top-Tier Weapon in HoloCure

When ranking HoloCure weapons, there are a few key factors that determine how high a weapon will score on the tier list:

  • Damage Output – The ability to dish out high damage per second, wiping out enemies quickly.
  • Crowd Control – AoE and slowing/stunning effects that can lock down groups of enemies.
  • Survivability – Healing, revive, and defensive buffs that improve longevity.
  • Synergy Potential – How well the weapon combines with character abilities and other weapons.
  • Ease of Use – Simple weapons with straightforward attack patterns are easier to use effectively.

With these criteria in mind, let’s dive into the creme de la creme of HoloCure armaments!

HoloCure Weapon Tier List

S-Tier: Meta-Defining Destruction

The top weapons in HoloCure offer the perfect blend of raw power and utility to slice through any opposition. They belong in any serious player’s arsenal.

Council Light

  • Beams of the Council’s pure might can disintegrate foes.
  • Supreme damage output thanks to piercing laser barrage.
  • Decent range and aimable attack.

Asacoco Counter

  • Counters enemy attacks with a devastating Asacoco smash back at them.
  • Superb reactive damage potential and disruption.
  • It helps prevent damage taken by reflecting spells.

Kronii’s Sand Time

  • It slows time to a crawl for easier dodging and many more attacks.
  • It lets you unleash a whirlwind offense during time dilation.
  • It is an excellent survival tool and damage booster in one.

Calli’s Reaper

  • Summons Death’s scythe for heavy area damage and a chain reaction.
  • Scythe spin hits a massive radius around you.
  • Chance to instantly kill weak enemies to fuel a rampage.

A-Tier: Strong Standbys

While not quite game-breaking, these weapons form the backbone of many powerful team compositions. Their flexibility and raw efficiency make them frequent sights.

Mumei’s Nanora-Flare

  • Calls down Nanora for a prolonged beam attack that incinerates foes.
  • Significant, consistent burn damage over time.
  • Helpful range lets you focus fire from relative safety.

Ina’s Ancient Ones

  • Summons eldritch tentacles that restrain groups and deal gradual damage.
  • Excellent for immobilizing dangerous enemies.
  • Tentacles provide meat shields and do decent damage.

Kiara’s Phoenix

  • Revives you with an explosive fiery AoE nova upon defeat.
  • It lets you recover from mistakes while punishing enemies.
  • Fire blast has high damage and a large radius.

Pekora’s Usada Flare

  • Launches a barrage of explosive firework rockets.
  • Devastating damage in a large area, ideal for room clearing.
  • It is straightforward to aim and hit clusters of enemies.

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B-Tier: Situationally Strong Picks

These weapons perform well in specific team builds or against certain enemies, though their narrow focus reduces general effectiveness.

Gura’s A Shark!

  • It transforms you into a shark for chomping foes with melee bites.
  • It lets you quickly chase down fleeing enemies.
  • It has decent damage output but is risky without ranged attacks.

Amelia’s Watson Concoction

  • Tosses random potions with unpredictable effects.
  • Provides fun, chaos, and surprises to keep things fresh.
  • Damage and products could be more consistent.

Noel’s Knight Light

  • It fires a beam that heals you and your teammates.
  • It’s a great supportive tool for stricter boss battles.
  • Lacks offensive power by itself.

Fubuki’s Cat Ear Fan

  • It creates gusts of wind to blow enemies away.
  • It can group up enemies or interrupt attacks.
  • Minimal damage by itself.

C-Tier: Lacking Impact

While not useless, these weapons need synergy with other abilities or items to contribute meaningful offense or defense.

Subaru’s Ojou Laugh

  • A dramatic noblewoman’s laugh that stuns enemies.
  • The effect is brief, and many foes are immune.
  • There is no damage, and stun is unreliable.

Watame’s Watamate Punch

  • Cute but weak punches suited for a fluffy sheep.
  • Minimal damage output.
  • Brief, rapid forces help apply status effects.

Kanata’s Angel Wings

  • Grants temporary flight and a minor damage boost.
  • It is situationally functional mobility but not a game-changer.
  • Other weapons offer better damage and crowd control.

Luna’s Yandere Holomight

  • Conjures a Yandere clone that wildly attacks enemies.
  • It provides an extra target to absorb attacks.
  • Clone AI is unstable and damage low.


Skill, synergies, and perseverance matter far more than a weapon’s base stats for completing HoloCure’s toughest challenges. But having great weapons certainly helps tip the scales in your favor. Experiment with the girls’ diverse arsenals to discover your ideal loadout, then get out there and save the Holoverse!

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