“Game Loading in Progress” Error in Sims 4: Solved

After started the game, many Sims 4 players run into the “Game Loading in Progress” error. This mistake keeps the game from advancing past the underly stack screen, making it difficult to play.

Luckily, there are a few potential arrangements you can attempt to determine this baffler blunder message and return to play The Sims 4.

What Causes the “Game Loading in Progress” Error?

This blunder regularly happens because of one of the accompany reasons:

• Tainted game records or obsolete mods/CC

• Issues with the Beginning or game establishment

• Issues with explicit save records or families

• Clashes with antivirus or firewall programe

The most well-known guilty parties are harmed game records or obsolete custom substances. Late game updates can now and again ruin records or cause incongruencies with specific mods.

Game Loading in Progress Error in Sims 4

Step 1: Fix the Game in Origin

The first investigate step is to utilize Begin to fix your game documents. This will check for and supplant any adulterated information.

To do this:

1. Open the Begin the application on your PC.

2. From your Game Library, right-click on The Sims 4.

3. Select “Fix Game” from the menu.

After that, Origin will scan and repair all of your game packs and expansions—not just the base game. Allow it to finish the maintenance cycle.

Game corruption issues that prevent the game from loading properly can be fixed by repaired it.

Step 2: Eliminate Obsolete Mods and CC

In the event that you utilize any custom substance or mods, ensure they are completely refreshed. Obsolete or broken mods are a great suspect for game-stack blunders.

Check your mods by:

1. Find your Sims 4 Mods envelope. This is, for the most part, in Records > Electronic Expressions > The Sims 4 > Mods.

2. Sort mods according to their date and look for any that haven’t been updated in more than a month. These are contenders for evacuation.

3. Peruse the remarks on mod pages to check whether anybody specifies late issues or clashes.

4. Examine your mods envelope for any .bundle documents (CC substance) that might be obsolete.

Eliminate problematic mods is a simple fix that can get your game stack appropriately once more. Make a point of added mods back each in turn to distinguish any expected contentions.

Step 3: Move Your Mods Envelope For a brief time

In the event that you actually experience issues in the wake of fixed records and refreshed mods, give briefly moving your mods envelope a shot of the game registry.

To do this:

1. Reorder your Mods envelope onto your work area or other area for supervision.

2. Start the game and verify that it loads correctly even if mods are disabled.

3. On the off chance that the game loads fine, move the Mods organizer back each in turn to recognize any hazardous mods.

This confirms whether any mod is at the base of the stacking blunder.

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Step 4: Erase localthumbcache

The localthumbcache bundle document can, at times, become debased and cause clashes. Erased this record might assist with settling stacking issues.

To erase it:

1. If The Sims 4 is open, close it completely.

2. Open your Records > Electronic Expressions > The Sims 4 catalog.

3. Erase the record named localthumbcache. You should unhide stowed away records to see it.

4. Relaunch the game and check whether this fixes the stacking blunder.

Get out of the localthumbcache powers the game to remake this information document without any preparation.

Step 5: Make Another Test Family

In the event that you suspect the issue might be segregated to a specific family or save the document, have a go at make a pristine family and keep it.

Endeavour to stack into another game with this test family. In the event that the game loads accurately, the issue is logically attached to your unique save information.

In the event that the game actually neglects to stack, the issue isn’t restricted to a solitary family.

Step 6: Reset the Sims 4 to the default settings

Suppose the loading error persists after follow the above procedures. This will get out any tainted records or settings without reinstall the whole game.

To reset Sims 4:

1. Explore to Records > Electronic Expressions > The Sims 4.

2. Duplicate the Sims 4 organizer for reinforcement. Name it something like Sims 4_Backup.

3. Right-snap the first Sims 4 envelope and erase it.

4. Send off the Sims 4 – this will produce another default Sims 4 envelope.

5. Test stacking the game. Assume it works, duplicate your Saves, Plate, and Mods envelopes from the Sims 4_Backup to your new Sims 4 organizer.

This fundamentally gets out old records and starts you with a new Sims 4 introduction. You can then add back custom substance in bunches to recognize any tricky documents.

Step 7: Contact EA Backing

In the event that you actually can’t determine the stacking mistake in the wake of attempt any remain investigate, contact the Electronic Expressions support group for additional help.

You can get in touch with their technical support through:

• Opening a ticket at help.ea.com

• Starting a live talk from help.ea.com

• Calling 1-866-543-5435

Give all relevant info on your issue, included mistake messages, investigate steps endeavoured, and your framework data. EA Backing can additionally analyze your game documents and may propose fixes, rollbacks, or different fixes.

Followed their suggested advances, I could get The Sims 4 stacking accurately once more.

Prevent Future “Game Loading” Errors

To assist in prevent the occurrence of these loading errors in the future:

• Keep up with your mods and CC – erase obsolete documents and update routinely.

• Back up your Recoveries and Plate envelopes on the off chance that you want to erase neighbourhood records.

• To make it easier to identify conflicts, limit the number of mods installed simultaneously.

• Filter custom substance records prior to adding them to your game.

• Whenever you experience odd behaviour or major game updates, repair your game through Origin.

Keep steady over mod administration and keeping your game records clean will limit your gamble of a ruined game establishment.


The “Game Loading in Progress” message can bring your Sims 4 game to an abrupt halt; however, some investigate steps can normally determine it:

• Fix game records through Begin.

• Update or remove any out-of-date mods.

• Move your Mods folder temporarily.

• Dispose of the localthumbcache.

• Test with another family save.

• Reset Sims 4 documents to default.

• Look for help from EA if necessary.

With some persistent experimentation, you ought to have the option to limit the wellspring of the contention. This will get your Sims back into the build, making and seek after their yearnings.

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