How to Fix Fortnite Queue Not Working Issues

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games, with millions of active players. However, many users frequently encounter the “Fortnite Queue Not Working” error that prevents them from getting into a match. This frustrating issue can occur due to various reasons. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the common causes of Fortnite queue problems and provide troubleshooting steps to resolve them.

Checking Fortnite Server Status

The first step is to check whether the problem lies with Fortnite servers or your connection. Fortnite servers undergo routine maintenance or may face occasional outages that lead to long wait times in queues. Here are some ways to check Fortnite server status:

  • Visit Downdetector or These third-party sites provide real-time user-reported information on gaming server statuses. Check for any Fortnite server outage reports.
  • Check @FortniteStatus on Twitter: The official Fortnite Status Twitter account posts updates on any ongoing server issues.
  • Visit Epic Games’ status page: Epic Games has an online services status page that shows the uptime and outage history of Fortnite servers.
  • Check in-game network stats: Enable “Show Net Debug Stats” in Fortnite’s settings to display ping, packet loss, and other network information. High ping and packet loss indicate problems reaching Fortnite servers.

If Fortnite servers are up and running, the problem may be on your end.

Using a Stable Internet Connection

Fortnite requires a consistently fast and stable internet connection for smooth gameplay. Queue issues can occur if you are on a spotty Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Try these tips:

  • Connect your gaming platform directly to the router via ethernet cable. This provides the most reliable connection.
  • If on Wi-Fi, ensure you are close to the wireless router for the strongest signal. Switch to 5GHz Wi-Fi if available.
  • Test your connection speed at or and check for packet loss. Contact your ISP if you face frequent disconnections or slow speeds.
  • Limit other internet usage when playing Fortnite to prevent bandwidth throttling—pause downloads or streaming on different devices.
Fortnite Queue Not Working

Avoiding Peak Hours

Fortnite has certain peak hours when the maximum number of players log in to play, usually in the evenings and on weekends. This leads to increased server load and longer queue wait times.

  • Check sites like PlayerCounter to determine Fortnite’s peak activity hours for your region.
  • Schedule your playtime in non-peak hours like weekday mornings or late-night to avoid traffic surges.
  • Take breaks or play a different game mode, like Playground, during peak times. The queues tend to be shorter for solo matches.

Staying In-Game

Once you’ve successfully logged into the game, try not to log in or switch game modes frequently. Each time you rejoin, you’ll have to go through the queue again.

  • Finish your gaming sessions before exiting your platform’s menu.
  • Leave your character idling in the lobby or a Playground session if taking a short break.
  • When queueing with a party, have the party leader initiate matches to prevent multiple queues.
  • Avoid closing and restarting the game after every match unless necessary.

Waiting Out Server Issues

Sometimes, the Fortnite queues may be long due to temporary server problems on Epic’s end. In these cases, it is best to wait for Epic to resolve the issues.

  • Check Epic’s status page and FortniteStatus Twitter for updates from developers. The team is usually quick to post progress updates on any server issues.
  • Try again after a few hours if the issues persist for long. Avoid repeatedly rejoining matches as that contributes to more load.
  • Server troubles are resolved within a day or two at most. Be patient and try other games meanwhile if queues are unbearably long.

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Contacting Fortnite Customer Support

If you continue facing Fortnite queue issues for more than a day, consider reaching out to the customer support team via the following channels:

  • Visit the Fortnite support website to find answers to FAQs and submit tickets for any unresolved queries.
  • Tweet your issue to @FortniteGame on Twitter. Their support team regularly monitors and responds to questions on Twitter.
  • Check the Fortnite Community forums for updates from Epic’s admins and to find out if other players face similar problems.
  • Contact Epic Games’ support email and provide details on the issue, your gaming ID, and any troubleshooting steps you may have tried.

The Fortnite support team responds promptly and resolves legitimate concerns, especially those impacting gameplay for a larger user base.


The “Waiting in Queue” error in Fortnite can occur due to busy servers or problems with your internet connection. Follow these troubleshooting guidelines to identify the cause and fix Fortnite queue issues:

  • Check server statuses using third-party sites and Epic’s status pages.
  • Run internet speed tests and use a wired connection for lag-free gaming.
  • Play during off-peak hours to avoid traffic surges on servers.
  • Stay logged in once in-game to prevent queueing.
  • Wait out short server outages and follow FortniteStatus for updates.
  • Contact Fortnite’s customer support if issues persist for longer than a day.

With these tips, you can resolve the frustrating Fortnite queue problems and enjoy smooth, uninterrupted gameplay. Paying attention to server statuses and your connection quality goes a long way in preventing these issues in the first place. Reach out to Epic Games’ support channels if all else fails.

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