Fortnite Aura Skin, Benefit & More

In the ever-changing world of Fortnite Battle Royale, skins allow players to stand out. And few skins have garnered as much popularity as the elusive Fortnite Aura Skin. Sporting a sleek, adventurous design, the Aura skin has risen rapidly among the ranks of fan favourites in the game. But what exactly makes this skin so popular among Fortnite enthusiasts? Let’s find out.

The Fortnite Aura Skin debuted in the Item Shop in Season 7, introducing a bold, vibrant new look. At just 800 V-Bucks, the Aura skin combined affordability with unique visual pizazz thanks to its slender frame, face paint, green hairdo, and high-tech uniform. This rare tactical versatility and affordability blend likely catalyzed Aura’s meteoric rise.

Beyond looks, the coveted Fortnite Aura Skin also provides key gameplay benefits. Its tight-fitting uniform and lack of bulky gear or armour enable enhanced stealth and evasion capabilities. By concealing Aura behind objects, players can ambush opponents while attracting less attention themselves during combat situations.

Given such benefits, encountering an Aura skin often elicits fear and anxiety in rival players. The skin has developed a sweaty, try-hard stigma—a testament to just how much of an advantage it provides. In summary, the Fortnite Aura Skin’s blend of affordability, sleek design, and tactical upside explains its enduring popularity among the game’s devotees. It has risen in the ranks to become one of Fortnite’s most iconic looks.

Introduction to Aura in Fortnite

Fortnite, the ever-evolving world of battle royale, introduces players to various skins, outfits, and cosmetic enhancements. One such intriguing element is the concept of “Aura.” But what does Aura mean in Fortnite, and how can players get it? Let’s dive into the detail.

Fortnite Aura Skin

Two Meanings of Aura: Outfit and NPC

In the Fortnite universe, Aura can denote two distinct entities: the Aura Outfit and the Aura NPC. The Aura Outfit is an uncommon attire in the Item Shop for 800 V-Bucks. It features a sporty, adventurous female character with green hair, face paint, and distinctive clothing and accessories. On the other hand, Aura, the NPC, appeared in Chapter 3, Season 4, contributing to the game’s storyline as a mysterious explorer.

A New Cosmetic: Aura Effect in Fortnite

Beyond outfits and NPCs, Fortnite introduces a new cosmetic effect called Aura. This effect adds a glowing aura or unique animation around a player’s chosen skin in the game. This cosmetic enhancement falls under the Fortnite Festival mode and is set to be released on December 9. While Auras are unavailable for unlocking, players can anticipate accessing them through the Locker menu once the Festival mode launches.

How to Obtain Aura in Fortnite

To acquire the coveted Aura in Fortnite, players need to follow a few steps:

4.1. Wait for the Release of Festival Mode

The Festival mode, scheduled for December 9, marks the arrival of Auras in Fortnite.

4.2. Access Auras in the Locker Menu

Once the Festival mode is live, players can find and apply Auras through the Locker menu.

4.3. Limitations on Use in Battle Royale Mode

While Auras can enhance the visual appeal of your character, exercising caution in Battle Royale mode is advised. Sporting an Aura might attract unwanted attention, making you an easy target.

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Different Uses of Auras in Fortnite

Auras in Fortnite serve various purposes:

5.1. Aura Effect in Save the World

In Save the World mode, an aura refers to an elemental damage perk that can appear in weapon rolls. This can include fire, water, energy, or nature, offering diverse strategic advantages.

5.2. Cosmetic Aura in Battle Royale

In Battle Royale, Auras is a unique cosmetic, providing a distinct visual appeal to your favourite skin. Exclusive to the festival mode, Auras became accessible through the Locker menu after its launch.

5.3. Aura Skin in Fortnite

Aura is not only a cosmetic effect but also the name of a popular skin in Fortnite Battle Royale. Known for its slender design, tactical advantages, and reasonable cost of 800 V-Bucks, the Aura skin is widely favoured by competitive players.

Benefits and Tactical Advantage of Aura Skin

The popularity of the Aura skin in Fortnite can be attributed to several factors:

6.1. Slim Design for Better Concealment

The slim design of the Aura skin allows for better concealment behind objects, offering a slight tactical edge during combat situations.

6.2. Psychological Impact in Gameplay

The widespread use of the Aura skin has led to a psychological effect in the game, making opponents wary of encountering a “sweaty” opponent.

6.3. Cost and Design Appeal

The Aura skin’s popularity is enhanced by its cost-effective design, providing players with good value for money and offering two distinct styles.


Auras in Fortnite encompass elemental damage perks, cosmetic enhancements in the Festival mode, and a popular skin with tactical advantages. Whether for strategic benefits or visual appeal, Auras add an exciting dimension to the Fortnite gaming experience.

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