How to Build Fluffy Pal Bed in Palworld


Palworld is a quirky sandbox simulation game where you build a base, befriend cute creatures called Pals, and explore a vibrant open world. As your base expands and you adopt more Pals, providing proper housing for your furry friends becomes essential. One of the best sleeping spots you can craft is the Fluffy Pal Bed Palworld – a plush, pillowy paradise that all Pals love to sleep on.

In this guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know to build a comfy Fluffy Pal Bed that your Pals will adore. From gathering materials and unlocking the blueprint to placement tips and benefits, let’s dive in!

What are The Requirements

Before you can build a Fluffy Pal Bed, there are two essential requirements:

Reach Player Level 24

You must be at least level 24 in Palworld to unlock the Fluffy Pal Bed blueprint. You’ll gain XP and level up as you complete tasks, explore new biomes, and progress through the main story. Keep an eye on your current level in the top left of the screen.

Unlock the Blueprint

Once you hit level 24, you can spend your hard-earned Technology Points to unlock the Fluffy Pal Bed blueprint permanently. Open your Technology Tier menu, go to the Infrastructure tab, and select the Fluffy Pal Bed to unlock it.

Now you have the recipe and can start gathering materials!

Fluffy Pal Bed Palworld

What Are The Materials Needed

Constructing a Fluffy Pal Bed takes a combination of common resources found throughout Palworld:

  • 10 Cloth – Obtained by shearing Sheepals or purchasing from traders
  • 30 Wood – Chop down trees or buy from material traders
  • 5 Nails – Crafted using Ingots from mining stones
  • 10 Fiber – Harvested by breaking down plants

You’ll likely already have some amount of these supplies stockpiled. But if not, here are some tips for collecting what you need:

  • Set up Sheepal pens on your base to easily shear Cloth
  • Plant and harvest CottonCrop for bonus Cloth
  • Clear forested areas and harvest the logs
  • Search mining nodes on mountainsides for Iron to craft Nails
  • Forage plants like Elephant Ear Leaf for Fiber
  • Check material trader Pals for bulk Wood/Cloth deals

With the blueprint unlocked and materials gathered, you’re ready to build!

How to Construct the Fluffy Pal Bed

Follow these simple steps to craft your first Fluffy Pal Bed:

  1. Open the Build Menu (B key) and select the Infrastructure tab
  2. Find the Fluffy Pal Bed recipe you unlocked and select it
  3. Choose a flat location on your base and place the bed
  4. Add the required resources from your inventory to start building

The bed foundation will appear, and a construction progress bar will fill as your Pals add materials. Eventually, a bright pink plush bed will take shape!

To make multiple beds, repeat the build process. Space them out in a dedicated sleeping area for best results.

How to Place and Use the Beds

Once built, your Pals will happily claim their Fluffy Pal Beds! They’ll automatically sleep in them at night or when their SAN levels are low.

However, you can take a few steps to get the most out of the beds:

  • Build at least 2 beds initially so Pals can sleep in shifts
  • Add 1 bed per Pal you adopt to your base
  • Place beds near light sources so Pals don’t get scared at night
  • Arrange the beds together in a “bedroom” layout for community
  • Set bedtime in the Schedule menu so Pals all sleep together

Watching your Pals cuddle up and drift off to sleep on their comfy new beds is adorable. And the benefits make it well worth the effort!

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What are The Benefits of Fluffy Pal Beds

Compared to basic Straw Beds, Fluffy Pal Beds provide massive quality-of-life improvements:

Increased Comfort – The plush pillow top and soft linens offer superior comfort over bare straw or dirt. Pals will be blissful and relaxed as they sleep.

More Restorative – Sleep in a Fluffy Pal Bed recovers more HP and SAN than a Straw Bed. Your Pals will wake up energized and in great moods.

Happier Pals – Pals’ comfort and renewing rest from Fluffy Beds increase their SAN levels. Happy Pals = smooth base operations.

Unlocks Upgrades – Having 2 Fluffy Beds boosts your base up to Level 13, unlocking another Pal slot so you can adopt more creatures. More Pals = more helping hands and fun.

Improved Production – With their needs fully met, your Pals will work harder around the base and be more productive. Resources, equipment, and questing all benefit.

Cut Labor Costs – As Pal SAN levels improve, you can reduce their wage percentage, and labour remains ample. Saves you valuable currency for other projects.

No Upkeep Costs – Aside from the initial material investment, Fluffy Pal Beds last forever, requiring no maintenance. Set it and forget its comfort.

Final Tips

Building Fluffy Pal Beds for your Pals takes effort but pays off tenfold. Here are a few final tips:

  • If short on resources, dismantle unneeded structures to reclaim materials for beds.
  • Add mob heads from defeated enemies to beds to boost SAN recovery even higher.
  • Shelter beds from rain under roofs so Pals don’t wake up wet and miserable.
  • Placing stat-boosting rugs adjacent to beds will carry over benefits as Pals sleep.

And that covers everything you need to know to construct incredible Fluffy Pal Beds in Palworld! With this cosy sleeping oasis, your Pals will be living the dream. Give it a try and watch their morale soar. Sweet dreams, Pals!


Providing Fluffy Pal Beds is one of the most rewarding investments in Palworld. A few common resources create an optimal sleeping space that keeps your Pals healthy and happy. Use this guide to build the perfect plush paradise your furry friends deserve. The restful nights and enthusiastic days they’ll enjoy are well worth the effort. So craft a bed, tuck in your Pals, and let the snuggly snoozing in Palworld begin!

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