How to Find Flexwood in Lego Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite offers players an immersive survival experience within the vibrant and explosive Fortnite universe. As you progress in the game, gathering resources becomes crucial in crafting weapons, buildings, and vehicles to improve your chances of survival. One such valuable material is Flexwood, which comes from an unlikely source – cacti in the desert biome.

Locating and Harvesting Flexwood

Flexwood in Lego Fortnite is essential for upgrading tools, weapons, trap builds, and vehicles to surpass standard materials. To obtain this unique resource, you’ll first need to unlock access to the Dry Valley region located in the southeast corner of the LEGO Fortnite map. This desert biome is hot, harsh, and crawling with enemies, so come prepared!

Once in Dry Valley, watch for clusters of cacti, tall green plants covered in spikes. You’ll need more than just any old axe to break these prickly plants down – equip a Rare Forest Axe or better. Each swing will yield some Flexwood to collect. You can use explosives or specific damage-boosting abilities to speed up the harvesting process, but be careful not to demolish the entire cactus accidentally!

Helpful Tips for Farming Flexwood

  • Seek out areas dense with cacti for maximum efficiency
  • Equip an axe with a resource-gathering speed bonus
  • Keep alert for enemies during harvesting runs
  • Persist and collect a lot of Flexwood – you’ll need it for crafting!
Flexwood in Lego Fortnite

Crafting With Flexwood

So why go through all this trouble trekking through the desert battling monsters and braving cacti just to get Flexwood? This unique material opens up new possibilities for builds, weapons, and vehicles once you’ve exhausted the standard crafting ingredients.

Advanced Weapons

More formidable enemies call for more brutal firepower. Flexwood allows you to upgrade favourites like the Scar Assault Rifle and Heavy Shotgun to new levels of effectiveness. These advanced weapons dish out more damage, hold more ammo and gain bonus attributes to give you an edge.

Fortified Builds

Reinforce your fortresses and unlock new construct options with Flexwood. Fabricate heavy-duty trap builds like the Electric Fence and Wall Dynamo, which can simultaneously shock multiple enemies. Or gain a height advantage over the battlefield with a Launch Pad for quick escapes and aerial attacks.

Mean Machines

Overland travel is dangerous in LEGO Fortnite, but upgrading your rides with Flexwood makes journeys quicker and safer. Give your squad manoeuvrability with the drift-happy Quadcrasher ATV, or take to the sky for unparalleled views in the X-4 Stormwing. Just take care not to crash and burn!

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Why Upgrade Your Village?

All those forts, traps, weapons and vehicles need a place to call home base. Upgrading your village offers strategic advantages beyond just flexing your creative muscles.

Safety in Numbers

More spacious dwellings allow you to increase the population of your village. The more allies, the merrier – especially when trouble comes knocking! Specific builds even unlock at higher village levels to bolster defences.

Employment Opportunities

A bustling community needs workers to keep things running smoothly. Upgrades present new jobs that eager NPCs can fill, enhancing interactive elements.

Better Gear & Rewards

With growth comes progress! Upgrading grants access to new building recipes for home and defensive builds. Level milestones also yield exciting loots like evolution materials, XP boosts, banners, and other swag.


Venturing into the Dry Valley to harvest Flexwood is no stroll, but the payout is worth the peril. This unique crafting material provides the means to fabricate advanced weapons, reinforced builds and excellent vehicles that offer significant advantages in your quest for survival. And funnelling your stockpiled resources into expanding and upgrading your village unlocks even more potential in LEGO Fortnite. Remember to brace for danger beyond the familiar Shores – the desert biome awaits!

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