How to Find and Incubate Scorching Eggs in Palworld


Palworld is an exciting open-world adventure game where players can explore, collect, and breed different Pal creatures. One of the most coveted Pals in the game is the Scorching Pal, known for its ability to breathe fire. Players must first find and incubate Scorching Eggs to obtain a Scorching Pal. This article will provide:

  • A step-by-step guide on finding Scorching Eggs.
  • Incubating them successfully.
  • Hatching your fiery companion in Palworld.

Locating Scorching Eggs

Scorching Eggs can only be found in specific biomes on the Palworld map. The best locations to search for Scorching Eggs are the desert and volcano biomes1.

Within these biomes, watch for small nests near rocky outcrops or on cliff edges2. Approach the nest slowly and look inside – if you see a large red egg with flame motifs, you’ve found a Scorching Egg! The eggs blend well into the sandy and fiery environments, so explore thoroughly and carefully.

Top tips for finding Scorching Eggs:

  • Search near Hot Springs in the desert, where the temperature is highest
  • Check cliff edges and cavities in the volcano area
  • Look for nests under rock overhangs or in small caves
  • Use binoculars to spot nests from a distance
  • Search at different times of day, as eggs can be easier to see in certain lights

Ancient Ruins

Ancient ruins scattered across both biomes are also worthwhile investigating for Scorching Eggs. Scour the ruins, especially in corners, on ledges, and under overhangs. The crumbling structures provide good nesting spots for Scorching Pals.

Find and Incubate Scorching Eggs Palworld

How to Obtain an Incubator

Once you’ve found a Scorching Egg, you’ll need an Incubator to hatch it. Incubators allow eggs to hatch over time into full-grown Pals.

To obtain an Incubator, you first need to 3:

  • Reach level 7 in the game
  • Defeat a boss creature like the large Chillet to earn an Ancient Technology Point

With at least level 7 status and 1 Ancient Technology Point, you can unlock and craft an Incubator4. The resources required are:

  • 10 Paldium Fragments
  • 5 Cloth
  • 30 Stone
  • 2 Ancient Civilization Parts

Paldium Fragments can be mined from blue crystal deposits using a pickaxe. Cloth and stone are basic crafting materials that are easily gathered. Ancient Civilization Parts are found in Ancient Ruins – look for pieces on the ground or break pots and vases.

Once you have the required resources, open your recipe menu and craft an Incubator to place in your base.

How to Incubate the Scorching Egg

To begin incubation, interact with the Incubator and place the Scorching Egg inside. A timer will appear showing the incubation duration – how long until the egg hatches5.

The incubation period varies based on the type and size of the egg. Scorching Eggs generally take 1-2 in-game days to hatch. Make sure you have enough food supplies, water, and equipment before starting the incubation.

While incubating, pay close attention to the Incubation Speed stat. This determines how quickly the egg will hatch. The higher the stat, the faster the countdown. You can boost your Incubation Speed by:

  • Constructing your Incubator near a source of heat like Lava or Hot Springs
  • Using insulation items like the Pal Wool Wall to retain heat
  • Equipping Incubation Speed boosting gear and clothes
  • Checking guides and videos for advanced incubation speed tips

Periodically check on the Incubator and keep the area warm and safe. Defend against hostile creatures like Dogeeters that may attack and damage the Incubator.

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Hatching and Claiming Your Scorching Pal

Once the timer hits zero, the Scorching Egg will shake and crack open. Interact with the Incubator again to retrieve the freshly hatched Scorching Pal!

The baby Scorching Pal will be added to your PalBox. Regularly feed, water, train, and nurture your new companion as it grows. Eventually, it will mature into a robust fire-breathing Pal ready for adventure!


Finding and incubating Scorching Eggs takes time and dedication, but the reward is a potent fire Pal. You can hatch your Scorching Pal in Palworld with patience and the proper techniques. Check those desert nests and incubate eggs using insulation for best results. Your efforts will be worthwhile when your fiery friend emerges!

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