Palworld: How to Find & Breed Felbat

In the vibrant monster-taming world of Palworld, one of the most potent and valuable Pals is the elusive Felbat. This Dark-type creature excels in combat with hard-hitting skills and life-draining abilities. Capturing a Felbat takes effort and strategy, but the payoff is immense for Palworld tamers looking to take on the most formidable foes.

Overview and Background

Felbat is classified as a Dark Pal in Palworld, with jet-black fur, expansive wings, curling ram-like horns, and piercing red eyes. It has similarities to demonic creatures and bats, hovering on winged appendages and striking swiftly with sharp fangs and claws.

In terms of size, Felbat is medium-sized compared to other Pals. An adult stands about 5 feet tall and has a wingspan of 10 feet. Weight ranges from 150 to 200 pounds. Lifespan in the wild is estimated at 40-50 years.

Felbat inhabits dungeons and caves across Palworld, particularly in hidden tunnels beneath Mountain Stream Point. The Alpha Felbat is located in the Sealed Realm of the Abyssal Nights, northwest of the volcano region, within the Forgotten Island.

This reclusive monster avoids sunlight and roams in the darkness. It surprises prey with quick ambush attacks and drains health and energy using its life-steal abilities. These vampiric skills allow Felbat to restore its vitality during combat.

Felbat Palworld

Stats and Abilities

Felbat has well-rounded base stats at level 100, with an emphasis on attack power:

  • HP: 3,250
  • Attack: 493
  • Defense: 462

It learns a diverse array of Dark-type skills as it levels up:

  • Level 1: Poison Blast
  • Level 7: Dark Ball
  • Level 15: Shadow Burst
  • Level 22: Spirit Flame
  • Level 40: Nightmare Ball
  • Level 50: Ignis Rage
  • Level 50: Dark Laser

Poison Blast and Nightmare Ball inflict damage over time on foes. Shadow Burst deals AOE damage in a wide radius. Ignis Rage is an ultimate single-target nuke.

Felbat’s signature ability, however, is its life-steal effect on attacks. Each strike saps away health from the opponent while restoring Felbat’s own HP. This makes it a formidable solo combatant that can outlast most foes.

How to Find Felbat

Felbat does not appear naturally in the overworld. Tamers must seek out three primary locations to find this rare Dark Pal:

1. Sealed Realm of the Abyssal Nights

The Alpha Felbat resides in this challenging end-game dungeon, accessible only to high-level tamers. It lurks on the western side of the Forgotten Island. Defeating Alpha Felbat allows you to attempt to capture and breed this powerful monster.

2. Hidden Tunnels Under Mountain Stream Point

Lesser Felbats inhabit the shadowy tunnels beneath Mountain Stream Point. Search thoroughly in this maze-like area to encounter Felbats and possibly even rarer variants. Come prepared with healing items and strong Pals.

3. Black Marketeer

The travelling Black Marketeer merchant sometimes offers Felbats for sale. However, supply is minimal, prices are exorbitant, and there’s no guarantee when he will have one in stock. Checking with Black Marketeer frequently improves the odds of buying a Felbat.

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How to Breed Felbat

Once a tamer captures a Felbat, breeding becomes the most reliable way to obtain more. By pairing Felbat with specific partners, the chances of hatching a Felbat egg improve significantly.

The best breeding pairings include:

  • Rushoar + Celaray
  • Rushoar + Melpaca
  • Felbat Rooby + Celaray
  • Penking + Teafant
  • Penking + Mau
  • Lifmunk + Incineram

These combinations produce Felbat most consistently due to compatible types and genetics. Remember, males and females must be paired up to breed. With perseverance, tamers will eventually amass an army of powerful Felbats.

How to Battle With Felbat

Felbat honestly excels once deployed in battle, especially against challenging elite monsters and bosses. Its Dark attacks deal super-effective damage against Psychic, Ghost, and other Dark-type foes.

Against Felbat specifically, Dragon, Bug, and Fighting Pals have the best matchups. Fairy types, in particular, counter it well by being immune to Dark moves.

Here are some critical battle tips for using Felbat:

  • Take advantage of the life-steal effect on moves like Shadow Burst and Dark Laser to keep HP high.
  • Use hit-and-run tactics – strike quickly, then retreat with Felbat’s speed before the enemy can counterattack.
  • Inflict status conditions like Poison or Nightmare, then evade while they take ongoing damage.
  • Equip Felbat with gear and implants that boost Attack, Critical Hit Rate, and Agility.

With skill and some luck, a tamed Felbat will carry many a tamer to victory over Palworld’s most imposing monsters and tyrants. It embodies the thrill of training the rarest and most potent Pals available.


For veteran Palworld tamers, few creatures compare to the versatile dark horse that is Felbat. This rare Dark Pal combines hard-hitting offence, draining life-steal, status-inflicting moves, and excellent Agility. Capturing a Felbat requires dedication – braving dangerous dungeons and breeding meticulously – but the payoff is fantastic. With a Felbat or two in your roster, you’ll have an elite advantage when confronting the most significant challenges across Palworld. Just beware of falling to the dark side while wielding Felbat’s vampiric might!

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