How to Fix Error Code NP-104602-3 on PS 4 and PS 5

Has this ever happened to you? You excitedly turn on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, ready for an intense gaming session. But as soon as you try to access online features or play multiplayer, you’re greeted by the dreaded error code NP-104602-3. Don’t panic! This common connectivity error is annoying, but it can be fixed with a few simple troubleshooting steps.

In this guide, we’ll explain what error code NP-104602-3 means, why you may be getting it, and most importantly, how to resolve it so you can enjoy uninterrupted online gaming again. We’ll cover quick fixes like restarting your console and router, as well as adjusting your network settings. With the right tips, you can banish error code NP-104602-3 for good.

Ready to solve this PlayStation network headache and get back in the game? Let’s tackle error code NP-104602-3 together!

What is Error Code NP-104602-3?

Before we dive into the solutions, it’s important to understand what this error means. Error code NP-104602-3 is essentially a connection error that hinders your ability to connect to the PlayStation Network (PSN). It can be caused by a variety of factors, but the good news is that it’s usually fixable. So, let’s get started on resolving this issue.

1. Log Out and Log Back In

Some users have reported success in resolving this error by logging out of their PSN account and then logging back in. It might sound simple, but sometimes all it takes is a fresh login to clear up the connectivity issues.

2. Restart Your Console

A common troubleshooting step is to restart your console. This simple action can often resolve many connectivity issues, so give it a try and see if it works for you.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

A stable and strong internet connection is crucial for online gaming. If your connection is weak or unstable, it could be the root of the problem. Try resetting your router or modem to see if that helps improve your connectivity.

4. Check for PSN Server Issues

At times, the error might not be on your end but rather with the PSN servers. Check the official PlayStation Network Service Status page to see if there are any ongoing server issues. If so, you’ll need to wait for Sony to resolve them.

5. Update Your Console

Make sure your console is running the latest software version. You can check for updates in the system settings. Outdated software can sometimes lead to connectivity problems.

6. Contact PlayStation Support

If none of the above solutions work, it’s time to reach out to PlayStation support for further assistance. They can provide you with specific guidance tailored to your situation.

Additional Tips for Error Code NP-104602-3

While the above steps should help you resolve this error, there are a few additional tips you can try:

  1. Restart Your Computer: Sometimes, minor software glitches can cause this error. A simple computer restart might do the trick.
  2. Update NumPy: If you’re using NumPy in your code, ensure that you have the latest version installed. Outdated NumPy versions can sometimes trigger this error.
  3. Switch NumPy Installations: If you’re using NumPy from a virtual environment, consider using the system installation instead. Sometimes, this switch can resolve compatibility issues.
  4. Run Code with Elevated Privileges: Try running your code with elevated privileges, as this can fix permission-related problems that might cause the error.
  5. Check for Conflicts: NumPy can sometimes conflict with other libraries, such as TensorFlow. If you’re using additional libraries in your code, try disabling them to see if the error persists.

If you’re still experiencing issues, don’t worry. There are plenty of online resources available to help you troubleshoot NumPy errors, or you can directly contact the NumPy developers for assistance.


While error code NP-104602-3 can be frustrating, there are several effective steps you can take to resolve it and get back to enjoying your PlayStation gaming experience. If all else fails, remember that the PlayStation support team is there to help.

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