Enshrouded: Skill Tree & Abilities Guide

Enshrouded is an expansive fantasy RPG featuring 12 unique classes, each with a skill tree full of abilities to unlock. These skill trees are the heart of character building and progression in Enshrouded, providing a variety of playstyles to master. This article will provide an in-depth look at the 12 skill trees available in the game.

The Skill Tree System

There are 12 skill trees in Enshrouded, divided into 3 colour categories:

  • Blue skill trees: Magic and spellcasting focused
  • Green skill trees: Nature and ranged combat-focused
  • Red skill trees: Melee combat and warrior-focused

Each skill tree contains approximately 30-40 nodes to unlock using skill points earned through levelling up. The nodes offer:

  • Active abilities – powerful skills to use in combat
  • Passive abilities – bonuses and stat increases
  • Upgrades – enhance existing skills

By investing points into a tree, players can customize their build and playstyle. A Warrior may invest heavily into Red combat skills, while a Magic User spreads points across Blue spellcasting abilities. This level of customization allows for deep roleplaying and strategy.

Enshrouded Skill Tree

Blue Skill Trees

The Blue Trees focus on magic, healing, and spellcasting.


The Wizard skill tree offers powerful offensive magic and area damage skills. Signature abilities include:

  • Elemental Mastery: Increases damage of the chosen element
  • Blast Wave: Damages all nearby enemies when casting spells
  • Arcane Brilliance: Buffs intelligence and mana regeneration

With AoE damage and high scaling, this tree rewards high INT builds that leverage elemental damage.


This tree contains healing, protection, and restoration abilities for supporting allies. Notable skills:

  • Healing Surge: Massively increased healing output
  • Healing Aura: Nearby allies receive bonus healing
  • Revive: Revive allies from range with a healing spell

A must-have for players who enjoy keeping their party alive. Great for co-op and raids.


Battlemage fuses melee combat with spellcasting for a deadly mix. Abilities like:

  • Spellblade: Imbue weapon with magic for a short time
  • Teleport Strike: Swiftly teleport next to target and attack
  • Sigil Mastery: Create magical traps and sigils

Lets you complement melee skills with powerful magic to enhance the Warrior playstyle.


Focused on illusions, tricks, and controlling enemies. Standout skills:

  • Mirror Image: Create clone decoys to divert enemies
  • Blinding Flash: Blind groups of foes
  • Chaos Volley: Rapidly warp around, firing magic bolts

Brings unique debuffs and teleportation abilities for advanced spellcasting strategies.

Green Skill Trees

The Green trees grant nature, stealth, pet, and survival abilities.


Long-range damage dealer. Key skills:

  • Eagle Eye: Improved zoom for precise shots
  • Multi-shot: Single arrows split into multiple projectiles
  • Sniper: Extends range and damage of arrows

It is the top choice for those who prefer keeping their distance and eliminating targets from afar. High single-target DPS.


Focused on stealth, traps, and survival in the wilds. Notable skills:

  • Camouflage: Become invisible when stationary
  • Trap Master: Craft advanced traps for massive damage
  • Forager: Double gathering amount from plants and animals

Essential for solo players who rely on stealth and mobility over raw combat power.


Summon pets and control wildlife with these nature abilities:

  • Bestial Fury: Send pet into frenzy, improving damage
  • Protector: Pet takes damage instead of you
  • Overwhelm: Summon a stampede of animals against the target

Pet classes will love the Beastmaster tree. Makes pets more capable in both damage and support roles.


Specialized assassination skills for Melee players:

  • Shadow Strike: Teleport behind a target for lethal backstab
  • Toxic Cloud: Create poison cloud after vanishing
  • Death Mark: Deal massively increased damage to low-health targets

Rewards opportunistic play and finishing wounded targets. High skill cap for competitive PvP.

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Red Skill Trees

These trees augment melee combat for Fighters, Tanks, Barbarians and more.


General combat tree for weapon mastery. Notable skills:

  • Whirlwind: Spin with weapon extended, hitting all nearby targets
  • Charge: Rush at the enemy and knock them down
  • Parry Master: Extends parry window and stamina regeneration

Straightforward damage and crowd control options to enhance physical combat.


Savage critical strikes and physical skills. For example:

  • Blood Rage: Deal escalating damage after continual strikes
  • Seismic Slam: Smash ground to damage and slow enemies
  • Feral Rush: Temporary boost to speed and damage

Rewards an aggressive melee style with devastating strikes through increased crit and damage buffs.


Focus on defence and shield skills like:

  • Shield Wall: Increases block chance and reduce block cost
  • Shield Bash: Slam shield into enemies to disrupt and stun
  • Bulwark: Generate shield charges to extend the Block

Made for players who fill the heavy armour tank and angry control roles. Enhances survivability.


Mobility and combat maneuverability. Key skills:

  • Dodge Roll: Quickly roll out of harm’s way
  • Hurdle: Ability to jump over enemies to reposition
  • Iron Grip: Hang onto walls and ladders with increased duration

Allows Melee builds to better maneuver around the battlefield and avoid damage.

Customize Your Playstyle

Enshrouded’s skill trees give players tremendous flexibility. Will you be a powerful Wizard raining down fireballs? A stealthy Ranger picking off targets? Or an unstoppable Barbarian warrior? The choices are vast, and veterans will enjoy mixing skills from multiple trees for potent combinations.

While daunting at first, take time to study each tree and plan your character’s progression carefully. Combine your favourite abilities that complement your intended playstyle and role. The trees offer depth for building iconic class archetypes or more experimental hybrids.

So immerse yourself in Enshrouded and embrace the opportunity to master one of the 12 classes. The complex skill trees provide engaging progression as you grow into an unstoppable force within the game world. Just be sure to choose wisely – respecting skills can be costly! But most importantly, have fun and make the abilities your own.

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