How to Get Enshrouded Oil in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Oil is one of the most valuable and helpful crafting materials in the mystical exploration game Enshrouded. This Oil creates high-level reagents, spells, chest upgrades, and other essential items needed to progress in the late game. Obtaining a steady supply of Enshrouded Oil is vital for any player looking to craft the best equipment and take on the most challenging areas of the game world. This guide will cover everything you need to know about getting Enshrouded Oil Enshrouded.

What is Enshrouded Oil Used For?

Before we dive into the details of acquiring Enshrouded Oil, let’s understand why it’s so important. Here are some of the primary uses for Enshrouded Oil:

  • I am crafting end-game reagents like Wisp Essence, Spirit Dust, and Grave Ash. These are used to create top-tier weapons, armor, and accessories.
  • I am making substantial chest upgrades, significantly increasing chest capacity and adding effects like vacuum and magnetism.
  • I am learning powerful spells like Lightning Channel, Poison Nova, and Summon Guardian. These make combat much more accessible.
  • You are upgrading your Glider to the max level, enabling you to fly faster and farther.
  • They craft unique items that enable the exploration of new areas or contain valuable loot.

As you can see, Enshrouded Oil is essential for many vital things in the late game. Having a steady supply will make advancement much smoother.

Enshrouded Oil

How to Unlock the AlchemiAlchemist’story

The only way to get Enshrouded Oil is through crafting it yourself at the AlchemiAlchemist’story, the final production building. To unlock the AlchemiAlchemist’story, you must first complete a quest line given by the Alchemist himself.

This involves traversing a dangerous progression of areas – the Haunted Woods, the Sunken City, and finally, the AlchemistsAlchemiAlchemist. The Alchemist will reward you with a Key to his Laboratory at the end of this quest line, which takes several hours to complete.

Use this key to your Sanctum to construct the AlchemiAlchemist’s story, which costs 50,000 Sanctium, 10 Ectoplasm Bars, and the Laboratory Key. Once built, you can begin crafting Enshrouded Oil.

How to Gathering Ingredients for Enshrouded Oil

To craft a single Enshrouded Oil at the AlchemiAlchemist’story, you will need:

  • 5x Shroud Spores
  • 5x Coal Powder
  • 5x Shroud Liquid
  • 1x Sulfur

Let’s down how to get each of these ingredients:

Shroud Spores

Shroud Spores can be gathered from Shrouded Shrubs, purple plants found exclusively in the Kindlewastes biome. Use your scythe tool to harvest the Shrouded Shrubs. Each harvest will yield 1-3 Shroud Spores.

Kindlewastes is a dangerous end-game area, so come prepared with many healing items, weapons, and armor. You can also sometimes find Shroud Spores as loot from Smashing Piles found throughout Kindlewastes.

Coal Powder

Coal Powder is produced by placing Coal in the Grinder production building. Take raw Coal found from mining coal nodes in the Underground or bought from Trading Posts. Put 5 Coal into an empty Grinder to yield 1 Coal Powder.

Upgrading your Grinder will increase the output, allowing you to get more Coal Powder per Coal. Having multiple Grinders working in parallel will speed up the rate of Coal Powder production.

Shroud Liquid

Shroud Liquid can only be obtained as a drop from defeating Shrouded enemies. The best enemies to farm are Shrouded Stags, Wisps, and Shamblers, located in the Haunted Woods and Kindlewastes.

Shroud Liquid has a low drop rate of around 5-10%, so be prepared to kill quite a few Shrouded before collecting enough. Equipping Luck charms can increase the drop rate slightly.


Sulfur can be reliably gathered from Sulfur Nodes that spawn in the Underground biome. Look for yellow crystalline formations on the ground and mine them with your pickaxe to obtain Sulfur. Each node typically yields 1-2 Sulfur.

As with mining Coal, upgrading your Mining Pick will increase Sulfur gains per node. Bring plenty of food, lighting, and weapons for traversing the Underground. Sulfur can sometimes appear in Trading Post deals as well.

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How to Efficiently Craft Enshrouded Oil

Once you have the materials, go to your AlchemiAlchemist’story and open the crafting menu. Select the Enshrouded Oil recipe to craft one at a time as needed.

Here are some tips for efficiently mass-producing Enshrouded Oil:

  • Have multiples of each production building (Grinder, Furnace, etc) to work on multiple ingredients simultaneously.
  • Plant Shimmering Fruit trees in your garden to quickly make the Shimmering Jam needed to fuel production buildings.
  • Equip gear with the “Swift “rafter” encha” t to speed up crafting time.
  • Use computing power-ups like Overclock Cores to boost the speed of production buildings.
  • Construct high-tier production buildings whenever possible for greater yields.
  • Buy any ingredients you are short on from the Trading Post if needed.

With enough infrastructure set up, you should be able to mass produce Enshrouded Oil relatively quickly. Automating the process as much as possible is critical.

How to Find Enshrouded Oil in the World

While crafting Enshrouded Oil is the most reliable method, it is possible to e several Enshrouded Oil randomly between.

It can only appear from Smashing Piles, located in the Kindlewastes biome. The drop chance is meager, around 0.1% or less. Still, opening as many Smashing Piles as you can while exploring Kindlewastes can occasionally yield some bonus Enshrouded Oil.

Certain enemies like Wisps and Shamblers also have a slight chance to drop Enshrouded Oil when defeated. Again, the drop rate is so low that farming enemies are not an efficient source. But opportunistic gathering while adventuring in Kindlewastes can provide a bit of extra Oil.

Crafted Enshrouded Oil should be your focus, with opportunistic world gathering providing a nice supplemental bonus.

What To Do With Excess Enshrouded Oil

If you produce more Enshrouded Oil than you need, there are a couple of valuable things to spend the excess on:

  • Craft extra Huge Chests and upgrades to increase storage space.
  • Make the highest tier Satchels to maximize personal inventory size.
  • Craft and combine reagents at random to try getting upgrades like Fortune reagents.
  • Make extra spells and skill reagents to have Reserves for brutal fights.
  • Upgrade your Glider fully, even if you still donated to don’t Soto.
  • Exchange for Sanctorium at the Trading Post if desperate.

Having extra Enshrouded Oil is always a good thing in Enshrouded. The possibilities are endless once you have a steady production going.


  • Enshrouded Oil is a vital late-game crafting material for making reagents, chests, spells, and more.
  • After completing his quest line, crafting at the Alchemist’s is the only way to get it.
  • Crafting requires 5 shroud spores, 5 coal powder, 5 shroud liquid, and one Sulfur.
  • Set up production infrastructure to mass produce the ingredients and equip speed bonuses.
  • Small amounts can rarely be found in objects in the KKindlewaste’sbiome.
  • Excess Oil can upgrade chests, inventory, reagents, and other items.

Following this guide to generate Oil reliably will give you the key to crafting the most powerful items and dominating the late game of this expansive magical world. The mysterious rewards awaiting in the depths of the Enshrouded realm will be at your fingertips.

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