Unveil the Secrets of Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded


In the vast and enigmatic realm of Enshrouded, a world where magic intertwines with the elements, players are tasked with conquering formidable challenges and unravelling intricate mysteries. Among the many coveted resources scattered throughout this enchanting landscape, the Ammonia Glands stand out as a crucial component for crafting and survival. These peculiar glands, harvested from the otherworldly denizens that roam the Kindlewastes, hold the key to crafting Leather, an essential material for the creation of powerful late-stage armour.

The Kindlewastes: A Treacherous Realm

Deep within the Shroud, a perpetual veil of mist and mystery lies the Kindlewastes – a domain where the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural blur. It is here, amidst the twisted terrain and the flickering embers of forgotten civilizations, that the enigmatic Ammonia Glands can be found. Within the Umber Hollow, nestled in the northeastern reaches of the Kindlewastes, an eerie sight awaits the intrepid adventurer.

Towering quadrupedal creatures, their backs adorned with glowing red mushroom-like protrusions, roam these desolate lands. These bizarre entities, guardians of the Ammonia Glands, pose a formidable challenge to those brave enough to seek their treasures. With ranged weapons at the ready, players must skillfully target the pulsating appendages, releasing a shower of glands with each well-aimed shot.

enshrouded ammonia gland

The Art of Gland Harvesting

Mastering the art of Ammonia Gland harvesting is no simple feat, as it requires a delicate balance of strategy, precision, and unwavering determination. The key lies in understanding the habits and weaknesses of these eldritch creatures, whose movements are as swift as their vicious attacks.

Seasoned adventurers recommend a ranged approach, utilizing the power of bows, crossbows, or even arcane spells to kite these foes from a safe distance. By focusing their attacks on the glowing red blobs that adorn the creatures’ backs, players can systematically dismantle their defences, ultimately securing a bountiful harvest of four to six Ammonia Glands per fallen adversary.

The Flame Altar: A Beacon in the Shroud

For those seeking to maximize their gland-farming efforts, the Flame Altar serves as a beacon of hope in the heart of the Shroud. This ancient structure, imbued with the power of the elements, allows players to establish a temporary haven near the Shroud’s entrance in Umber Hollow. From this strategic vantage point, adventurers can swiftly venture forth into the Kindlewastes, reaping the rewards of their hard-won battles before retreating to the safety of their camp to replenish their resources.

The Flame Altar holds deeper significance, however, as it also serves as a conduit for the very essence of the Ammonia Glands. By offering these precious resources to the altar’s ethereal flames, players can unlock the secrets of Leather crafting, forging armour and equipment imbued with the resilience of the Kindlewastes itself.

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The Versatility of Leather

In the ever-evolving world of Enshrouded, Leather stands as a versatile and indispensable material, transcending its basic function as armour. Crafted from the very essence of the Ammonia Glands, this resilient substance finds its way into a myriad of creations, each imbued with its unique properties and applications.

For rangers, wizards, and barbarians alike, Leather serves as the foundation for crafting late-stage armour sets, offering unparalleled protection against the myriad threats that lurk within the Shroud. Yet, its uses extend far beyond the realm of combat, as skilled artisans can weave Leather into a variety of tools, from sturdy quivers to reinforced staves, each tailored to the specific needs of their crafters.


As the shadows of the Shroud lengthen and the embers of adventure burn ever brighter, the Ammonia Glands of the Kindlewastes beckon to those with the courage and tenacity to claim them. Within the pages of Enshrouded’s lore, these peculiar resources stand as a testament to the intricate interplay between the natural and the arcane, a link forged in the fires of crafting and tempered by the resolve of those who dare to venture into the unknown.

Whether sought for the crafting of legendary armour or the pursuit of knowledge itself, the Ammonia Glands hold a place of reverence in the annals of this fantastical realm. For those who embrace the challenge, the rewards await – a legacy etched in Leather, bound by the secrets of the Kindlewastes, and forged in the flames of determination.

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