“Disc Read Error 8.7” Error in MW3 Zombies

The “disc read error 8.7” is common many Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players encounter when trying to play the Zombies mode. This frustrating error prevents players from properly loading into a Zombies match, often kicking them out of the game abruptly with the cryptic message “disc read error 8.7.”

What Causes the Disc Read Error 8.7?

The disc read error points to an issue in the Zombies game mode file titled “ww_mp_jup_bigmap.ff.” This error occurs when this file becomes corrupted or missing from the game directory. There are a few potential causes of this error:

Improper Installation

Many players first experience the disc read error 8.7 when installing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If the installation process is interrupted or errors out, it can lead to missing or corrupted files that trigger this error.

Game Updates

Frequent game updates to Modern Warfare 3 can inadvertently cause missing or corrupted files. Updates may overwrite or change existing files, breaking certain game modes if not executed perfectly.

Damaged Game Files

The game files may become damaged or corrupted through general wear and tear. Errors during gameplay, improper shutdown, bugs, and glitches can all gradually contribute to file corruption.

The common thread is that the root of the problem lies in missing or damaged critical game files that the disc read error message is alerting players to.

Disc Read Error 8.7

How to Fix Disc Read Error 8.7

There are a few steps players can take to fix and resolve the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies disc read error 8.7:

1. Check the Game Log for Errors

The Modern Warfare 3 game log can provide helpful clues about what triggers the disc read error. Open the game log after receiving the error and look for specific messages about missing or corrupted files. The record can give insight into the exact files affected.

2. Reinstall the Game

One simplest solution is to reinstall Call of Duty completely: Modern Warfare 3. This overrides any corrupted files with fresh, clean installs. Ensure you do not interrupt the installation process and let it fully complete.

3. Update the Game

An outdated version of Modern Warfare 3 can also present issues. Updating to the latest game patches fixes many known bugs and glitches and may resolve any file discrepancies.

4. Verify the Game Cache

Most digital game libraries have a “Verify Game Files” option that checks for any corrupted or missing files and redownloads them if needed. This is an easy way to scan and restore any problematic files causing the error 8.7 issue.

5. Consult Fix Guides

If the above steps do not resolve the problem, looking up fix guides on YouTube and gaming forums could provide the solution. Follow along with video guides demonstrating how to update game files and configurations to stop the error properly.

While frustrating, disc read error 8.7 is relatively straightforward to diagnose and repair. By thoroughly reinstalling and updating the game files, players can return to slaying zombies quickly. Properly close the game before shutting down the system to avoid future file corruption issues.

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Why Does This Error Primarily Affect Zombies Mode?

The disc read error overwhelms Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode in particular. Why does this error frequently occur in Zombies as opposed to the main multiplayer modes?

Zombies Have Unique Game Files

Zombies use certain game files and assets that are exclusive to that mode. This includes unique zombie character models, map files, textures, animations, and audio. If these specialized files get corrupted or damaged, it will only affect Zombies.

Zombies Are Still Buggy

While improvements have been made, Call of Duty Zombies is still known for being relatively buggy and glitchy. The mode isn’t tested and optimized as much as multiplayer, leading to more disc read errors.

Zombies Pushes Hardware Limits

The horde-like nature of Zombies places increased demand on hardware like RAM, CPU, and GPU to render so many moving parts on screen. This heavily taxes systems, increasing the chances of overheating or memory leaks.

Complex Easter Eggs

The elaborate Easter eggs and hidden puzzles in Zombies involve more moving pieces. The greater complexity increases the likelihood of certain triggers or events not functioning properly.

So, while Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer may exhibit some flaws, the more ambitious and intricate Zombies seem prone to getting tripped up by particular bugs like the dreaded disc read error 8.7.

Other Common Errors in MW3 Zombies

In addition to disc read errors, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players may encounter other common mistakes that can disrupt Zombies sessions:

Packet Burst Errors

This includes severe lag spikes, rubber banding, and stuttering during matches. It’s often caused by network issues like an inconsistent connection, packet loss, or problems with the game servers. Sometimes, client-side packet burst problems can also occur.

Connection to Host Issues

Frequent disconnects from the Zombies host while loading into matches result in crashes and lost progression. Players lose their load-outs and equipped weapons when the connection to the host is lost, which can be incredibly frustrating.

Data Corruption Errors

Though rare, some players have reported vague data corruption error messages that require resetting ranks and unlocking. However, many of these cases appear to be false alarms where data is intact despite the concerning error message.

Diagnosing and resolving these Zombies-specific errors may require checking for updates, restarting the game, or rebooting one’s network hardware if the issues persist.


The cryptic “disc read error 8.7” halting progression in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode can be annoying. Fortunately, solutions like reinstalling game files, verifying game caches, and confirming the game is updated typically resolve this issue by restoring any corrupted or missing data.

And while Zombies offers rewarding cooperative survival action, its ambitiously complex design does make it prone to certain bugs players should be prepared for. But a bit of fixing guidance, patience, and PC resets can get Zombies matches back on track for pleasure-killing hordes of the undead. Just be sure to relish those hard-earned victory crawls under the flashing “Game Over” sign!

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