Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon Guide

The followed describes the dungeon in Destiny 2: Lightfall offers extreme difficulties that will test even experienced Gatekeepers. With risky adversaries everywhere and forcing managers to fight toward the finish of each part, having the right systems and staff is vital to enduring this prison in one piece. This guide will give Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon Guide an outline of each manager’s experience and proposals for loadouts and subclass choices to assist with overcoming them.

How to defeat Rathil, First Broken Knight of Fikrul

The main manager’s experience pits your fire team against Rathil, one of the Contempt clan leaders revived by Fikrul. Rathil employs a ruthless thrash that can, without much of a stretch, overpower gatekeepers who get out in the open. Here are a few ways to bring down this dangerous enemy:

• Utilize burst harm weapons like rockets or projectile launchers. Rathil has a monstrous wellbeing pool, so high burst harm is vital.

• Seek shelter often. Rathil’s thrash assault can shred through your wellbeing, assume that you’re uncovered. To avoid it, hide behind something.

• Obliterate lights during Unavoidable Wish. When magically transported into confines, immediately dispose of Taken eyes to get away, then, at that point, annihilate whatever number of lamps as could be expected under the circumstances.

• Well of Brilliance is fantastic for survivability. The overshield and mending permit your fire team to endure Rathil’s surge.

• Divine Nighthawk Brilliant Firearm gives tremendous burst harm when Rathil is helpless. His health could be significantly diminished as a result of this.

By and large, they are inclined toward weapons and capacities that give spike harm to trim down Rathil’s wellbeing. Remain portable and use a cover to keep away from his destructive thrash. With training, your fire team will rule triumphantly.

Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon Guide

How to Beat the Locus of Wailing Grief

The chilling second experience sets your group in opposition to the Locus of Crying Pain, a Taken Hydra. Notwithstand’s its staggering Void assaults, you’ll need to battle with a lethal cold that limits development. Here are a few hints:

• Annihilate Scourged Eyes to generate Disdain clan leaders. Dispense with them to bring forth lights.

• Initiate the lights behind the convention pennant for security from the virus. These give brief respites.

• At the point when safeguarded by the lights, release the most extreme DPS on the Locus. Time this cautiously around the lights’ term.

• Utilize Super capacities like Nova Bomb or Thundercrash to burst down the Disdain tribal leaders rapidly.

• A Curve or Sun-based subclass is great for bringing down safeguards rapidly.

• Marksman rifles take into consideration accuracy shots at range against the Locus’ flimsy spots.

This battle requires cautiously adjust situating, safeguard breaking, and high harm yield. Utilize the lights carefully to expand your harmful windows. With talented play, the Locus will fall.

How to defeat Henfd Vengeance, Blighted Chimaera

The last manager is Hefnd Retaliation, a massive Taken Delusion. This is a unique multistage fight across drifting islands and stages. Here are a few hints:

• Take out Scourged Eyes to generate Disdain tribal leaders and lamps.

• Remain portable and direct with your group to zero in on a fire on Hefnd.

• Employ burst and sustained damage weapons like rockets, snipers, and machine guns.

• In order to prevent Hefnd from regaining health, quickly eliminate all Taken enemies and blights.

• The Scorcher debuff increments harm on Hefnd. Profit by this to dump weighty capability.

• Warlocks utilizing Great of Brilliance are significant for expanding harm and survivability.

• Tie can assist with controlling ads while enhancing harm to the chief.

Coordination and greatest capability are critical in this last confrontation. Rest in your group, centre down dangers rapidly, and save your most impressive weapons and Supers for when Hefnd is helpless. Your endeavours will be compensated with epic plunder upon triumph.

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Suggested Loadouts and Subclasses

In view of the difficulties introduced by each experience, here are some suggested loadouts and subclass choices:


• Sniper Rifle: Superb for accuracy harm, particularly against Locus of Howling Sorrow

• Rocket Launcher: Gives enormous burst harm against supervisors

• Machine Gun: Sustained heavy ammo weapon for adding clear and boss DPS

• Grenade Launcher: This weapon adds clear and boss DPS and sustains heavy ammo. Can give spike harm or add clear contingent upon rolls


• Desperado with Heavenly Nighthawk: Enormous harm support for Brilliant Firearm against managers

• Nightstalker with Orpheus Apparatuses: Bunches of Super energy and crowd control with Moebius Quiver


• Sunbreaker with Hallowfire Heart: Incessant Sun powered capacity uptime

• Striker with Cuirass of the Falling Star: Crushing single objective harm with Thundercrash


• Well of Brilliance: Top-level help Super for harm and survivability

• Nova Bomb: Solid burst harm, especially with Disorder Reach

By consolidating these weapons, subclasses, and Fascinating reinforcement decisions, your fireteam will be exceptional to counter the malicious adversaries and managers all through the Warlord’s Ruin prison. The street is dangerous. However, triumph anticipates genuine Gatekeepers. Gear up and reclaim the Light, each manager in turn.


The Warlord’s Ruin dungeon in Destiny 2 has a lot of intense PvE challenges that can only be overcome with good coordination, skill, and powerful loadouts. By seeing each manager battle’s mechanics, utilize subclasses with solid burst harm abilities, and using weighty weapons like rockets or automatic rifles, fire teams can emerge victorious. While it will not be simple, handling this prison close by confided in partners to vanquish Fikrul’s undead armed force will give compensation to cherish for years to come. For those looking for greatness and booty, now is the right time to frame your fire team and overcome Warlord’s Ruin.

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