Palworld: How to Find, Catch & Breed Depresso

Depresso is a unique Dark Element Pal available in the eccentric monster-collecting game Palworld. With its sleepy demeanour and affinity for nighttime, Depresso brings distinctive abilities and uses to Palworld’s complex creature system. This guide will provide an in-depth look at where to find Depresso, how to catch it, its strengths and weaknesses, recommended uses, and breeding combinations for obtaining improved versions.

Overview of Depresso

The most immediately apparent trait of Depresso is its nocturnal nature. This Dark Pal is most active and prevalent at night, resting or hiding away during the daytime. It can often be found near spawn points and early-game locations on the various islands of the Palworld map.

Depresso belongs to the Dark Element group of Pals in Palworld. This strengthens it against Neutral Element Pals while leaving it vulnerable against Dragon types. Despite not being one of the most powerful late-game Pals, Depresso remains valuable for its unique skills.

In particular, Depresso has high Work Suitability rankings for Handiwork, Mining, and Transporting jobs. This makes the Pal well-suited for resource gathering, crafting, and returning items to your base. It can be an effective early-game ally for building your supplies and base infrastructure.

Depresso Palworld

How to Find and Catch Depresso

Due to its nocturnal nature, Depresso is significantly more straightforward to locate and catch at night. Focus your search efforts around the starting islands and spawn points, such as near the Plateau of Beginnings or Rayne Syndicate Tower. Avoid having Neutral Pals in your party, as their elemental advantage will scare away Depresso.

Instead, bring along a Dragon Pal to provide a disadvantage against Dark types like Depresso. Slowly approach any Depresso you spot while avoiding confrontation. Use food items or bait to lure the Pal closer until you can capture it with a net.

Once caught, Depresso will grant you its unique Partner Skill – Caffeine Inoculation. This ability allows Depresso to consume energy drinks for a temporary but substantial speed boost in combat and general movement.

Strengths and Recommended Uses

While not the most powerful combat Pal, Depresso has beneficial strengths:

  • High work capabilities – With Handiwork, Mining, and Transporting suitability, Depresso excels at gathering resources, crafting, and hauling items. This makes it a tremendously valuable early game for developing your base.
  • Nocturnal abilities – Depresso’s nighttime boosts and skills create advantages for night missions and tasks. It can gather resources or build overnight while you sleep.
  • Neutral element counter – With Dark elemental strength, Depresso is handy for countering Neutral Pals who may threaten your other team members.
  • Caffeine Inoculation – Depresso’s caffeine-powered speed boost creates an edge in combat, traversal, and time-sensitive missions.

Based on these strengths, the ideal uses for Depresso include:

  • Early game resource harvesting and base development
  • Overnight resource/crafting tasks while you rest
  • Countering Neutral enemies
  • Any mission requiring speed and nighttime operation

While not a frontline fighter, Depresso provides excellent support abilities.

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How to Breed for Improvement

Depresso can be bred with other Pals to obtain more Depressos or produce improved Dark types. Here are some recommended pairings:

  • Lamball + Killamari – A very high chance of producing Depresso offspring.
  • Pengullet + Sparkit – Also has strong odds of breeding Depresso.
  • Depresso + Direhowl – This can result in Fuddler, an upgraded version of Depresso.
  • Depresso + Rooby – May produce Kelpsea, a rare aquatic Dark Pal.
  • Depresso + Ignis Cattiva – Chance of spawning Hangyu, a powerful armoured Dark Pal.
  • Depresso + Lifmunk – Possibility of breeding Flambelle, a swift martial arts Fire/Dark Pal.

The random nature of breeding means results are not guaranteed. But these pairings provide the best odds for obtaining more potent Dark Pals through Depresso.


Despite its sleepy demeanour, Depresso provides valuable utility, especially early game. Its nocturnal nature and work skills create advantages not found in other Pals. While not the strongest in direct combat, Depresso makes up for it through its gathering, resource production, and support abilities. With the creature collecting and breeding systems of Palworld, Depresso can also be used to obtain rarer and more powerful Pals. Depresso and its sleepy charms may be the perfect choice for those seeking a unique ally.

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