How to Defeat Zakhaev in MW3 Zombies

Zombies Modern Warfare 3:┬áZombies gives Call of Duty fans a thrilling co-op experience in which they face off against unending hordes of undead. One of the features of MW3 Zombies is the climatic finale against the game’s fundamental bad guy, Vladimir Zakhaev. Overcoming the famous Ultranationalist pioneer, in any case, is no simple accomplishment. You should be good to go and have the right procedure to bring down and Defeat Zakhaev MW3 Zombies.


 In Call of Duty 4, Vladimir Zakhaev is the game’s main antagonist, Modern Warfare and returns as the final boss in MW3 Zombies. Zakhaev releases a zombie flare-up on the world in a demonstration of retaliation against the West. In the final confrontation, players must battle undead hordes before facing Zakhaev himself.

This guide will walk you through the vital stages of overcoming Zakhaev:

  • Conveying to Zakhaev’s Fortification
  • Establishing the Unstable Charge
  • Overcoming the Orcus Chief
  • Getting through Zakhaev’s Assaults

By following these tips and cooperating as a planned group, you’ll be exceptional to bring down Zakhaev and complete the MW3 Zombies story!

Defeat Zakhaev MW3 Zombies

How to Deploy Zakhaev’s Fortification

The initial step is accessing Zakhaev’s fortress, where he has set up the office lodging for the zombie enhancement gadget. Subsequent to playing for a couple of moments and killing a few zombies, an exfil symbol will show up on your tac-map. Continue to the exfil point and interface with the marker to set off the following story mission.

This will start a cutscene that shows your crew moving toward the frigid bluffs encompassing Zakhaev’s mountain base. You should battle your direction through a multitude of the undead to arrive at the office entrance. Prepare your best weaponry and work deliberately with your group to push forward and get out of the outside district.

When inside the office, expect weighty opposition from zombie crowds that will be released from all headings. Move from one space to another, getting each part while keeping an eye out for destructive snares and ambushes. Make use of the best cover you can find, and keep supporting your teammates because the action will be relentless.

How to Plant the Dangerous Charge

Subsequent to fighting through the multitude of undead and arriving at the focal chamber, lodging the improvement gadget, your next objective is to establish an unstable charge to obliterate it. Cooperate with the obvious board to start the establishing arrangement.

You will have to defend the position against a flurry of zombies who are attempting to halt the explosion. Structure a border around the bomb site and put together fields of fire. Establishing succession requires a few minutes, so be ready for a serious holdout.

Use Miracle Weapons at whatever point you get overpowered, and remember to recharge ammunition and rebuy the protective layer on a case-by-case basis. Remaining alive is the main concern. Before the charge explodes, get out of its blast radius once it is planted.

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How to Defeat the Orcus Boss

As you inch towards Zakhaev’s inward sanctum, the office will start to shake brutally and thunder. Out of nowhere, the roof detonates as a tremendous undead worm called Orcus crushes through and obliterates your assault helicopter!

Orcus fills in as the penultimate supervisor you should overcome prior to facing Zakhaev himself. This gigantic zombie worm will go after with charges, body hammers, and by regurgitating lethal corrosive. Avoiding Orcus’ attacks while releasing weighty capability is vital to wearing it out.

Utilize your most remarkable completely overhauled weapons like automatic weapons or attack rifles to pound away at its huge wellbeing pool. Wonder Weapons like the Wunderwaffe DG-2 work perfectly at incurring harm over the long haul. Have partners centre fire to shred through Orcus’ wellbeing bar rapidly.

Simply try not to its pulverize scuffle assaults and corrosive shower by continually moving. Utilize any obstructions or structures that can be placed between you and the boss. With constancy and impeccable collaboration, Orcus will ultimately surrender to your prevalent capability.

How to Survive Zakhaev’s Attacks

In the wake of bringing down the savage Orcus, the curved genius behind this zombie end of the world shows himself at long last – Zakhaev! He will release a blast of assaults against your crew utilizing double-used, smaller-than-normal firearms and explosives.

Zakhaev will forcefully pursue players while terminating relentlessly, so continue to move and get behind cover whenever the situation allows. He additionally removes explosives that will flush you from concealing spots in the event that you are not focusing.

Cooperate centring fire and turning positions to keep away from his assault. You should endure Zakhaev’s assaults for a few minutes until, at long last, an airstrike polishes him off for good in a climatic blast.

During this final stage, survival is everything. Keep the shield recharged, reload frequently, and resuscitate partners rapidly when you need to give allies time to recover or resurrect, use monkeys or other distractions. Your team will fight hard, but with perseverance and determination, they will prevail!


Overcoming the famous Zakhaev is a significant achievement in MW3 Zombies. By following the key advances illustrated in this aide, you can work deliberately collectively to push through to Zakhaev’s fortress, annihilate the enhancement gadget, rout the Orcus chief, and at last endure the last showdown against Zakhaev himself.

Remain cold out there! Keep weapons updated, prepare the ideal Advantages that anyone could hope to find, and never wonder whether or not to help a colleague out of luck. With expertise, system, and cooperation, you will arise triumphant over Zakhaev. You control the world’s destiny!

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