Cyberpunk 2077 Voice Actors

Cyberpunk 2077, the ambitious open-world RPG from CD Projekt Red, assembles an impressive cast of voice talent to bring the gritty futuristic world of Night City to life. With nearly 250 voice actors lending their skills, the game features a mix of big-name stars and veteran gaming voice actors. Let’s take a look at some of the key players behind the voices of Cyberpunk 2077’s colorful characters.

Main Character Voices

V (Male) – Depending on the player’s choice, the protagonist V can be either male or female. For the male version of V, the voice is provided by Gavin Drea, an Irish actor known for roles in TV shows like Vikings and Love/Hate. Drea helps bring a grounded, cynical edge to the male V’s performance.

V (Female) – For the female V, the voice is performed by veteran gaming voice actress Cherami Leigh. With roles in games like Borderlands 2, Her versatile voice acting helps convey V’s determined personality.

Johnny Silverhand – Arguably, the most hyped voice role in the game went to Hollywood star Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand, the digital ghost that haunts V. As a major character, Reeves’ acting chops bring weight and charisma to the role. His involvement has been a major part of Cyberpunk 2077’s marketing push.

Jackie Welles – V’s best friend and partner-in-crime Jackie Welles is voiced by Jason Hightower. As an enthusiastic hustler, Jackie’s voice needed energy and warmth, which Hightower provides in droves.

Judy Alvarez – For Braindance expert and V’s pal Judy Alvarez, the voice acting comes courtesy of Carla Tassara. Tassara captures Judy’s pensive, thoughtful nature with an understated but passionate performance.

Panam Palmer – As the headstrong leader of the Aldecaldos nomad clan, Panam Palmer is voiced by Emily Woo Zeller. Zeller delivers Panam’s determined, principled personality with conviction and intensity.

Goro Takemura – For the stoic and duty-bound corporate agent Goro Takemura, the gravelly voice of Rome Kanda fits the part perfectly. Kanda’s performance conveys Takemura’s strict nature along with subtle notes of humor and honor.

Cyberpunk 2077 Voice Actors

Other Notable Voices

Aside from the main cast, Cyberpunk 2077 contains a constellation of stars among its expansive lineup of voice actors:

  • For the shady corporate executive Solomon Reed, Cyberpunk brings in A-lister Idris Elba to provide Reed’s slick vocals.
  • Veteran voice actress Jane Perry plays the part of Johnny Silverhand’s former partner in crime, the gruff but tenderhearted Rogue Amendiares.
  • Grimes provides her ethereal vocals to the pop star character Lizzy Wizzy.
  • Flamboyant rocker boy band frontman Kerry Eurodyne is played by actor Samuel Barnett, who brings wit and style to the role.
  • As the emotionless AI hotel manager Delamain, Matthew Yang King‘s robotic tone is perfect for conveying the limitations of artificial intelligence.
  • For the Steel Dragons gang boss Dex DeShawn, actor George Kirby brings bombast and intimidation.
  • Quest designer Regina Jones is voiced by veteran gaming voice actress Ashly Burch, known for roles like Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • Elon Musk‘s son X AE A-XII provides voice samples that feature in the game as random NPC dialogue.

With so many iconic voices filling Night City’s airwaves, radio segments, and dialogue, Cyberpunk 2077’s soundscape becomes an integral part of the immersion into its dark future setting.

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Directing an Ensemble Cast

To make sure all those voice actors deliver compelling performances, Cyberpunk 2077 employed a team of talented voice directors. These include:

  • Pierce O’Toole – An experienced drama director, O’Toole provides a grounded cinematic style to the game’s major story beats.
  • Josh Dean – With credits as a voice director for games like Shadow of Mordor, Dean excels at bringing out personality in video game characters.
  • Keythe Farley – Farley lends his talents to directing the comedic and lighthearted side of the content.
  • Nick Lanza – Lanza focuses on the game’s street stories and smaller open-world vignettes.
  • Toni Smith – Smith brings emotional nuance and vulnerability to Cyberpunk 2077’s more tender moments.
  • Walter Gray – Gray provides voice direction expertise for the game’s corporate characters and business-focused stories.

Together with the voice actors, these directors helped shape the complex array of voices that populate Cyberpunk 2077’s dystopian future. Their guidance teases out the subtle tones in each performance, from Reeves’ brooding Silverhand to Hightower’s affable Jackie.

Reactions to the Voice Acting Performances

For the most part, Cyberpunk 2077’s voice acting has garnered praise from both players and critics. The diverse cast nailed the unique flavor of Night City’s inhabitants, from grizzled mercenaries to flippant hackers to corporate sharks.

Many noted standout performances include:

  • Cherami Leigh’s vulnerability as female V.
  • Jason Hightower’s enthusiasm as Jackie.
  • Keanu Reeves’ dour take on Silverhand.

Side characters like Rogue, Kerry, and River also received positive reactions thanks to their voice actors’ charm.

Some players felt the voice lacked enough modulation to match their own V’s customized personality suitably. A more subdued, neutral delivery could’ve worked better for this player avatar role.

But overall, Cyberpunk 2077’s voice acting convincingly brings Night City to life. For many fans, the voices have become inseparable from their favorite characters, cementing Cyberpunk’s place as a storytelling tour de force.


From Hollywood legends to seasoned gaming vets, Cyberpunk 2077 assembled a stellar lineup of vocal talent. With guidance from talented directors, the voice cast helps realize Night City as a believable, grimy metropolis of the future. While not without some room for improvement, Cyberpunk 2077’s voice acting stands as an impressive achievement in immersive open-world storytelling through performance.

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