Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card Locations

In the sprawling futuristic world of Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card Locations, scattered across the massive cityscape of Night City, players can find 24 cryptic Tarot cards that hold clues to the game’s lore and story. These collectable cards are tied to the “Fool on the Hill” side job, where V searches for graffiti depicting the Tarot. Finding all of the cards grants not just bragging rights for dedicated completionists but also reveals hidden depths to the game’s narrative and Johnny Silverhand’s mysterious past.

The Major Arcana: Tarot Cards Tied to Night City’s History

The main collection consists of 20 Major Arcana cards, the central symbolic cards in a Tarot deck that represent life’s journey. From The Fool to The World, these cards are based on classic Tarot imagery and meanings but also contain secrets tailored to Night City and its inhabitants.

Starting the Journey with The Fool

Fittingly, the first card V can find is The Fool, painted right on their apartment door in Watson’s Megabuilding H10. As in traditional Tarot, The Fool represents new beginnings, innocence, and spontaneity. For V, it symbolizes their leap into the unknown as an ambitious mercenary in Night City.

The Moon Over Lizzie’s Bar

One of the earliest cards is The Moon, found under a bridge near Lizzie’s Bar. The Moon typically signals illusion, fear, and anxiety. Lizzie’s is full of holographic “posers”, providing fantasy and escapism to its customers, so the placement hints at these themes.

Hints at Johnny’s Past with The Emperor

On display outside Konpeki Plaza is The Emperor, representing authority and structure. The plaque describes an “Emperor” who helped build the tower, who some believe represents Saburo Arasaka, while others argue Johnny Silverhand. This seeds questions about Johnny’s history with Arasaka and his influence on the city.

The World Marks a Completion of the Journey

Fittingly, one of the final cards is The World, found on Misty’s Esoterica’s roof. Representing fulfilment and harmony, it signals V’s personal growth and achievement of a completed goal. V has traversed Night City and undergone their transformative journey parallel to the Fool’s.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card Locations

The King Cards: Arcane Hints in Phantom Liberty

With the Phantom Liberty expansion, four new collectable King cards that shed light on its key figures are added. They are placed strategically to highlight the expansion’s central themes.

King of Wands Hints at Maine’s Ambition

The passionate King of Wands, representing ambition and charisma, appears near Maine’s Dogtown stronghold. It parallels the ambitious Fixer’s drive to gain power in the Combat Zone.

King of Swords Signals Danger in Dogtown

Near an ominous secret entrance is the intellectual King of Swords, symbolizing intellect and adversity. It hints at the challenges and hidden threats waiting in Dogtown as V explores Maine’s dark secrets.

Emotional Longing in King of Cups

King of Cups represents emotions, and romanticism appears near the stadium parking lot where Maine remembers his departed love, Anna. This echoes Maine’s inner romantic motivations and longing.

Financial Power in King of Pentacles

Inside the Dogtown casino is the affluent King of Pentacles, signalling material wealth and prosperity. This matches the casino’s relationship to Maine’s finances and control over the district.

Together, the 4 Kings provide cryptic insights into the personalities that shape Phantom Liberty’s narrative. They encourage analyzing motivations and connections between Night City’s figures when uncovered.

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Collecting All Cards Reveals Johnny’s Past and Unlocks Rewards

Collecting all 24 Tarot cards in Cyberpunk 2077 grants two key rewards that shed light on Johnny Silverhand’s hidden history.

Trophy/Achievement for The Wandering Fool

Completing the full set nets players the “The Wandering Fool” trophy or achievement, recognizing their success in taking on the Fool’s journey across Night City.

Misty’s Dreamcatcher Hints at Johnny’s Trauma

More impactfully, V gains an item called Misty’s Dreamcatcher in their apartment. Its description elaborates on Johnny’s post-traumatic stress following his brush with death at Arasaka Tower. This lore insight adds emotional depth to an enigmatic character and contextualizes his motivations.

Thus, the cards offer both a gameplay incentive and narrative reveal that add intrigue to Johnny’s backstory for those who hunt down all 24 thoughtfully placed Tarots.

Tarot Cards: Hidden Lore Secrets or Optional Collection?

Cyberpunk 2077’s Tarot cards serve dual roles. For the lore-curious, they provide tantalizing clues to Night City’s history and characters through symbolism placed around the world. As gameplay collectables, they are completely optional side content that offers small narrative Easter eggs without being required.

Lore Analysis for Story-Focused Players

Exploring how the cards’ archetypical meanings connect to the locations and figures they reference provides an incentive for invested players to analyze the game’s story and world. The cards encourage drawing symbolic parallels between their meanings and Night City’s residents.

Optional Gameplay Extra for Completionist Collectors

However, locating all of the cards scattered across the expansive open world is challenging. Many are extremely well-hidden in remote areas rarely visited. As such, they are entirely optional content aimed at hardcore collectors and achievers pursuing 100% completion rather than narrative essentials.

So the cards succeed on two fronts: optional collectables for completionist gameplay and cryptic narrative lore carrots for the story-enthralled. By maintaining their optional nature while filling out Cyberpunk 2077’s worldbuilding, they please a wide range of players and playstyles.


Cyberpunk 2077’s Tarot cards offer intrepid collectors tantalizing lore tidbits and insights into Night City’s souls. By linking their symbolic meanings to specific locations and characters, they encourage drawing deeper connections between the game’s narrative themes. For devoted fans of uncovering every story and worldbuilding detail in CD Projekt Red’s staggeringly detailed dystopian epic, illuminating the secrets within the iconic cards provides endless intrigue and allure. What other mysteries might they hold? The cards hint that the answers are there for those patients enough to interpret their signs and guidance.

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