Culex: Mario RPG Remake

The Super Mario RPG redo brings back the amazing mystery boss Culex with new winds and difficulties. In the original Super Mario RPG for the SNES, Culex was an optional super boss that significantly increased the game’s problems. In the redo, Culex gets back with overhauled moves, greater details, and new techniques expected to bring him down. Here are a few hints and methodologies for overcoming Culex Mario RPG Remake.

How to Prepare for the Fight

Culex is not a slouch; he will destroy a party that is not prepared. Follow these tips to ensure your group is ready:

Step Up Your Party

Culex is adjusted for a party at level 30 or higher. Grind metal sludges in Mesh Fellow’s Gambling club or the Production line to get a lot of involvement focus. Before attempt Culex, each party member must be at least level 30.

Maximize HP and FP

Buy Jolts of energy from the Shoreline Town motel and use them on each person to expand HP. At the Mare’s Nest Inn, restore FP. The additional stats will lessen Culex’s punishing attacks.

Prepare the Best Stuff

Outfit your party with the most recent weapons and protective layers seen across the world. The Attack Scarf and Damage Blocker are useful accessories that can give you an advantage. Visit Hinopio’s shop to purchase his most remarkable stuff.

Stock Up on Items

Bring at least 30 to 40 of each heal items, particularly Pure Waters, Max Mushrooms, and Pick Me Ups. You’ll require them to recuperate from Culex’s overwhelming assaults. Hinopio sells limitless Super Leaps, which can be priceless during the battle.

Culex Mario RPG Remake

Culex’s Assaults and Procedures

Culex brags a fluctuated collection of lethal wizardry assaults. Here are a portion of his moves to look out for:

Dull Star: Chops all party individuals’ HP down to 1. Continuously end up followed this assault.

Natural Gems: Four precious stones encompass Culex, gives him control and safeguard him. Take these out as quickly as time permits.

Ultima: Weighty enchantment harms the whole party. Shield to mellow the blow.

Meteor Multitude: Hits irregular targets 4-6 times. Repair the damage caused by this assault.

Water Impact: Hits a party part for weighty water harm. Susceptible to obstruction.

Wind Slice: May quietness a party part, forest spell project. Fix with a Cure.

Boss Strategy

Here are a few critical tips to use during the climactic fight:

Annihilate the Gems

The four gems engage Culex with additional capacities. To disable Culex, immediately destroy them. Use ice assaults on the Fire Gem and fire assaults on the Water Gem to bargain reward harm.

Mend Into the Evening Star

Continuously have your healer top off HP after Dull Star decreases everybody to 1 HP. Come back to a gather fix spell like Gather Embrace.

Block Assaults

Time your blocks well to decrease harm from Culex’s attack. Assaults like Breeze Slice and Water Impact can be totally invalidated whenever obstructed.

Utilize Your Extraordinary Moves

In the event that Mario utilizes his Super Leap and Geno whips out his strong Geno Bar, you can crush the precious stones rapidly. Try not to be bashful about using your best capacities.

Target Culex

When the precious stones are down, centre all assaults around Culex himself. Utilize your most remarkable gathering assaults to cut his HP down. Geno’s Falling Star is great for weighty harm.

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Suggested Party Arrangement

Here are powerful party works for bring down Culex:

Mario: Put on the Attack Scarf and the Super Suit. Use specials like Super Leap and Super Fire on gems.


  1. Give the Safety Badge a go.
  2. Use Thunderclap on the Water Gem and Psych Bomb on Culex.
  3. Keep HP finished off.

Geno: Prepare the Assault Scarf. Use Shooting Star on Culex and Geno Beam on the crystals.


  1. Prepare the Wellbeing Identification and Super Suit.
  2. Use Gathering Embrace and Psych Bomb.
  3. Safeguard frequently.


  1. Prepare the Security Identification and Troopa Pin.
  2. Use Bowser Smash on the gems.
  3. Keep defending.


The rematch against Culex will test your abilities, yet tolerance and the right methodology will see you win. You can defeat this legendary boss with high levels, the right equipment, prompt heal, and full use of your character’s abilities. The difficult battle is well worth the valuable rewards. Maintain your determination, and your brave party will eventually defeat Culex!

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