How to Get Cryo Freeze Ammo in MW 3 Zombies


Cryo Freeze Ammo in MW3 is a rare and highly coveted ammo type in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s chaotic Zombies mode. This unique ammo allows players to freeze zombies in place temporarily when shot, providing a critical tactical advantage. With the hordes of undead flooding the map, Cryo Freeze Ammo can mean the difference between survival and defeat.

But how exactly does one get their hands on this powerful ammo mod? There are several methods players can utilize to add Cryo Freeze Ammo to their arsenal in MW3 Zombies.

Completing the Take-Up Arms Mission

Completing the Take-Up Arms mission during the Welcome to Operation Deadbolt chapter is the most straightforward way to obtain a Cryo Freeze Ammo. This early mission requires players to pick up a weapon from the Acquisition Stash after clearing the area of zombies.

Upon completing Take Up Arms, the Acquisition Stash will contain the Cryo Freeze Ammo mod. I grab it from the stash, automatically rewarding the player with 90 rounds of Cryo Freeze Ammo.

This method provides an easy and guaranteed way to gain this rare ammo early on. Completing Take Up Arms should be a priority for any player looking to utilize Cryo Freeze against the zombie hordes.

Finding Aether Caches

Another reliable method of obtaining Cryo Freeze Ammo is locating Aether Caches hidden within Infested Strongholds. These strongholds are fortress-like areas overrun with zombies. While challenging to penetrate, they can contain precious loot for those willing to take the risk.

The Aether Caches inside often contain a Cryo Freeze Ammo and other rewards. While the contents are randomized, thoroughly scouring Infested Strongholds will likely yield several Cryo Freeze Ammo drops.

Bringing a Pack Mule perk is recommended, as it allows carrying more equipment from runs. Targeting large strongholds in the later maps increases the chances of securing the Cryo Freeze Ammo from the Aether Caches.

Cryo Freeze Ammo in MW3

Crafting with Cryo Freeze Schematics

Crafting the ammo yourself is one of the most flexible ways to maintain a steady Cryo Freeze supply. To prepare them, players first need to obtain the Cryo Freeze Schematics.

These schematics have a random chance to drop from chests, caches, and Rift Reward drops after completing story missions or contracts. Once the schematics are secured, visit the Crafting Table to create a Cryo Freeze Ammo from resources.

The schematics are extremely useful, as players can craft more ammo on demand—Stockpile resources from harvesting zombies and the environment to fuel more Cryo Freeze production.

Purchasing from Elemental Pop Stations

Elemental Pop Stations scattered around the map will sell Cryo Freeze Ammo for quicker but pricier access. These machines provide all basic ammo types in exchange for points.

However, Cryo Freeze Ammo costs a hefty 2,000 points per mag from Elemental Pop Stations. As a result, it should only be used as a last resort when the other methods aren’t viable.

If you are loaded with points and desperately need more freezing rounds, don’t hesitate to hit the Elemental Pop machine. Just be prepared to pay a premium.

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Optimal Uses for Cryo Freeze Ammo

Now that you have Cryo Freeze Ammo, how should you use it? Here are some of the best practices:

  • Slow charging hordes – Freezing masses of zombies allows escaping or thinning them out with fragile grenades.
  • Take down elites – Cryo Freeze works great for immobilizing tough enemies like Juggernauts.
  • Lock zones during contracts – Freezing zones keep zombies from swarming objective areas in contracts.
  • Upgrade Elemental Popper – Load into the Elemental Popper for added freeze chance on bullets.
  • Open paths in strongholds – Freeze surrounding zombies to navigate infested areas safely.
  • Aid rescues – Cryo Freeze escorts for downed teammates to safely revive them.


Cryo Freeze Ammo is an extremely powerful asset in surviving the hellish zombie onslaughts in Modern Warfare 3. Take Up Arms, Aether Caches, Crafting, and Elemental Pop provide options for obtaining this frozen fury. Use it wisely by freezing hordes, elites, objectives, and escape paths to turn the tide against the undead legions. Cryo Freeze Ammo can be the difference maker in your continued survival!

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