How to Find & Use Luminous Growth in Enshrouded

Luminous Growth Enshrouded

Enshrouded is a beautiful yet dangerous world plunged into perpetual darkness. As you explore its mystical biomes and unravel its secrets, you’ll need to craft equipment to aid your journey. This is where the valuable resource Luminous Growth comes into play. Luminous Growth is key for constructing illuminated structures and gear to pierce the darkness … Read more

Palworld: How to Get Mind Control Meds & Use Them

Mind Control Meds Palworld

Palworld, the controversial village life simulator that lets players lord over cute but suffering Pals, has a dark secret in the form of mind control medications. These powerful substances allow you to brainwash your Pals into obedience, eliminating dissent and revolution. While ethically questionable, mind control meds offer an easy path to utopia in Palworld … Read more

Palworld: How to Find, Catch & Breed Depresso

Depresso Palworld

Depresso is a unique Dark Element Pal available in the eccentric monster-collecting game Palworld. With its sleepy demeanour and affinity for nighttime, Depresso brings distinctive abilities and uses to Palworld’s complex creature system. This guide will provide an in-depth look at where to find Depresso, how to catch it, its strengths and weaknesses, recommended uses, … Read more

Palworld Quivern – How to Find, Defeat, Capture, Breed & Use

Quivern Palworld

Quivern is an elusive Dragon-type Pal in the popular monster-taming game Palworld. This mystical creature is coveted by players for its powerful abilities and valuable skills in gathering resources, transportation, and combat. This guide will cover everything you need to know about obtaining, battling, and mastering Quivern in Palworld. Overview of Quivern Quivern belongs to … Read more

Palworld Necromus: Location, How to Find, Capture & More!

Palworld Necromus

Palworld, the controversial monster-taming game released in 2024, features a diverse cast of magical creatures called Pals. From cute little Fwuffys to towering behemoths like Paladius, Palworld has something for every monster collector. One of the more unique Pals is Necromus, a centaur-like creature cloaked in dark armor. With its sinister appearance and powerful dark … Read more

Palworld: How to Find & Breed Felbat

Felbat Palworld

In the vibrant monster-taming world of Palworld, one of the most potent and valuable Pals is the elusive Felbat. This Dark-type creature excels in combat with hard-hitting skills and life-draining abilities. Capturing a Felbat takes effort and strategy, but the payoff is immense for Palworld tamers looking to take on the most formidable foes. Overview … Read more

How to Butcher Pals in Palworld

How to Butcher Pals in Palworld

Introduction In the fantastical world of Palworld, gamers are tasked with navigating the wealthy surroundings of creatures referred to as Pals. These adorable partners are available in diverse shapes and sizes, each with its very own particular skills and trends. However, there comes a time when players may need to make difficult choices so that … Read more

How to Get Berry Seeds in Palworld

How to Get Berry Seeds Palworld

Introduction Palworld is a new survival sandbox game where you build a base and befriend cute creatures called Pals to help you gather resources and defend against enemies. One essential resource in Palworld is berries, which can be grown from Berry Seeds. Berries are an important food source to keep your Pals healthy and happy. … Read more

How to Get & Use Ice Organs in Palworld

Ice Organs Palworld

Ice Organs are one of the most valuable and useful resources you can collect in the charming life sim and creature-collecting game Palworld. These cold internal organs dropped by defeated ice-type Pals allow you to craft various helpful items to aid your survival and growth in the frigid winter biomes of the Palworld. Let’s look … Read more