Palworld: Mammorest Guide

Palworld Mammorest

Palworld is an upcoming life simulation game where players can befriend, utilize, and breed creatures called Pals. One of the most iconic Pals in the game is Mammorest, a massive woolly mammoth-like creature with powerful abilities. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Mammorest in Palworld. Overview of Mammorest Mammorest is … Read more

Enshrouded: Yucca Fruit Guide

Enshrouded Yucca Fruit

The harsh deserts of Enshrouded hold many mysteries and dangers but also valuable resources for the cunning survivor. One such prize is the elusive Yucca Fruit, found growing from the tops of tall palm trees scattered sparsely across the shifting sands. Obtaining this exotic fruit can be arduous but rewarding for those willing to brave … Read more

Palworld: Implode Skill Guide

Palworld Implode

In the quirky and unique world of Palworld, pals can possess a wide variety of skills and abilities that can give them an edge in battles and challenges. One of the most coveted yet dangerous skills is the Implode skill – a powerful explosion attack that comes at great risk to the pal that uses … Read more

Unleash the Power of Level 4 Kindling Pals in Palworld

Level 4 Kindling Palworld

Intro In the vast and captivating world of Palworld, players are tasked with building and maintaining their bases, crafting essential items, and taming the diverse array of Pals to aid in their endeavours. Among the various attributes that define Pal’s capabilities, work suitability plays a crucial role in determining their effectiveness in specific tasks. For … Read more

Palworld: Vixy Guide

Vixy Palworld

Palworld is a unique life simulation game where players can recruit, befriend, and battle alongside cute creature companions called Pals. One of the most useful Pals in the early game is Vixy, known for passively generating valuable resources when housed in a ranch. With proper care and investment, Vixy can be an invaluable asset for … Read more

Enshrouded: Wizard Build Complete Guide

Enshrouded Wizard Build

Introduction The Enshrouded Wizard is a powerful magic-focused build in Elder Scrolls. This build uses high intelligence and mana pools to unleash devastating area-based spells. With the proper setup, the Enshrouded Wizard can clear out hordes of enemies while maintaining strong survivability. This guide will provide an optimal Enshrouded Wizard build by covering recommended weapons, … Read more

Enshrouded: Skill Tree & Abilities Guide

Enshrouded Skill Tree

Enshrouded is an expansive fantasy RPG featuring 12 unique classes, each with a skill tree full of abilities to unlock. These skill trees are the heart of character building and progression in Enshrouded, providing a variety of playstyles to master. This article will provide an in-depth look at the 12 skill trees available in the … Read more