Palworld: Black Market Trader

Palworld is a quirky life simulation game where you build a business empire by training cute creature companions called Pals. These adorable critters can be taught to farm, mine, craft, and even battle for you. However, behind the family-friendly exterior lies an underground economy of illicit trade controlled by the elusive Black Market traders.

An Introduction to Palworld

For those unfamiliar with Palworld, it’s a sandbox game developed by Pocket Pair and published by Amazon Games. Players are shipwrecked on the Palpagos archipelago and must gather resources, build shelters, and train Pals to survive.

The core gameplay loop involves catching and taming wild Pals and then teaching them skills to help build your business. Pals can specialize in farming, logging, mining, crafting, cooking, and combat. They then automatically perform these tasks to generate resources and items for you to sell.

The goal is to build an ever-expanding business empire by managing your Pals efficiently. You can breed Pals to create offspring with higher stats and abilities. The game provides a deep life simulation system where you must keep Pals happy by providing food, rest, entertainment, and maintaining their morale.

Black Market Trader Palworld

The Draw of Rare and Exotic Pals

As you explore deeper into Palworld, you gain access to new biomes and Pal variants. There are over 100 unique Pals to collect, with rarer breeds requiring extensive effort.

Catching and training these exotic Pals becomes an addictive goal for many players. Unique Pals have enhanced abilities and traits compared to common ones. Owning prestigious Pals also provides bragging rights in the Palworld community.

However, the most powerful high-tier Pals are restricted and cannot be caught legitimately. This is where the illicit services of the Black Market traders come in.

Black Market Traders Offer Prohibited Pals

Deep within Palworld’s seedy underbelly lies an illegal Black Market Pals traders network. These shady merchants deal in the buying and selling of rare Pals obtained through suspect means.

Black Market traders provide a shortcut for ambitious players to purchase top-tier Pals without the hard work of breeding them organically. Their inventory includes illegal and hacked Pals not available through standard gameplay.

The price is steep, but many are willing to pay a premium for these exclusive creatures. Ownership bestows elevated social status in the Palworld community.

Locating the Black Markets

The Black Market traders operate out of hidden camps scattered throughout the Palpagos islands. Their locations should be marked on the map or revealed through exploration.

Instead, players must follow rumors and tips from fellow shady Palworld business people to track them down. Once found, the location is shared discreetly among trusted allies.

14 unique Black Market camps have been discovered across all the biomes. However, their sites are not fixed and can periodically rotate to avoid authorities. Maintaining good relationships with multiple Black Market connections ensures reliable access to their inventory.

What’s Offered in the Black Markets?

The Black Market trader’s inventory provides items otherwise unattainable through legal gameplay:

  • Illegal High-Tier Pals – These include level 100 legendary Pals and boss variants that are usually restricted. They have maxed-out stats and access to exclusive abilities.
  • Hacked Pals – Some Pals have modified stats or illegal trait combinations that are only possible through hacking. These hyper-optimized Pals give an unfair advantage.
  • Exclusive Pets – Certain unimplemented or cut Pals may be available before official release. These exclusive pets let owners stand out.
  • Prohibited Items – Special gear, resources, and recipes banned from regular play may be purchasable if you have the coins.
  • Stolen Pals – Shady rumors suggest some traders deal in Pals poached directly from other players’ islands overnight.

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What is The Cost of Black Market Trading

While the inventory selection at the Black Market traders is enticing, their prices are exorbitant. Purchasing a single high-tier Pal can cost millions of coins.

But for wealthy players and Palworld whales willing to spend big, the prestige and convenience of instant access to elite Pals is worth the premium cost.

Some players also take advantage by buying hot commodities from the Black Market and then reselling them at a markup to legitimate players. This generates significant profits but fuels the cycle of illegal Pal trafficking.

How to Sell Pals for Profit

The Black Market traders don’t just sell rare Pals – they also buy them. Players can unload unwanted Pals for hefty sums of coins.

While ethically questionable, selling Pals to the Black Market is an easy way to liquidate assets and earn quick gold. The traders pay well above regular shop prices for Pals in high demand.

Of course, once sold, the fate of those Pals is ominous. But profits outweigh morals for many opportunistic players.

A Necessary Evil?

The Black Market traders occupy a moral gray area in Palworld. Their business fuels shady practices like hacking, poaching, and elitism.

But they also provide a valuable service for collectors seeking the ultimate Pals. And the players using their services keep the economy flowing.

While officially banned, the developers unofficially tolerate their existence. The Black Market traders remain an open secret within the dedicated Palworld community.


Behind Palworld’s cheerful exterior lies an underground trade of prohibited Pals the Black Market merchants run. While disreputable and expensive, they provide a shortcut for ambitious players seeking elite Pals.

Their locations are closely guarded secrets, leading to an exciting metagame of tracking down their hidden camps. Once found, you gain exclusive access to purchase powerful Pals and items unavailable elsewhere.

So, if you spot shady figures lurking on the edge of town offering “special” deals, consider bringing lots of coins! Just know that engaging in the Black Market comes with certain moral compromises. But for collectors seeking the ultimate Pals, the ends may justify the means.

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