Best MTZ Interceptor Loadout in MW3

The MTZ Interceptor is one of the most potent marksman rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Capable of taking out enemies in one shot at long range, mastering this semi-automatic beast can give you a dominant edge on the battlefield. However, it would help if you had the right custom loadout to maximize its potential truly. In this article Explore the “Best MTZ Interceptor Loadout in MW3”.

Overview of the MTZ Interceptor

Unlocking the MTZ Interceptor requires reaching Level 69 in Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer mode. It boasts the highest damage per shot of any semi-automatic marksman rifle in the game. However, it compensates with a slower rate of fire and moderately high recoil.

In the hands of a skilled player, the MTZ Interceptor dominates at long range. If you land chest or headshots consistently, you can drop entire teams before they even see you. The key is configuring your loadout to play to the gun’s strengths while minimizing its drawbacks.

Lethal and Tactical Equipment

The proximity mine works perfectly with a defensive, long-range playstyle for lethal equipment. Stick them to high-traffic areas to cover your flanks while scoped in. The distraction and damage they provide when triggered give you precious seconds to reposition or take out the enemy.

Stun grenades are the best tactical equipment for the Interceptor. Hitting a group of enemies with a stun right before you pick them off makes securing multi-kills much easier. The stun effect also forces them to move and aim down sights slower, minimizing return fire.

Best MTZ Interceptor Loadout MW3

Optimal Attachments for the MTZ Interceptor

Attachments for the Interceptor should focus on improving aim stability, bullet velocity, and mag size while aiming down sights quickly after sprinting:

  • Barrel: The MTZ Blackthorn Barrel significantly increases effective damage range and bullet velocity, making those long shots easier.
  • Optic: The SZ Mini red dot sight provides a precise, low-zoom sight picture without slowing ADS speed.
  • Stock: The FTAC Heavy Hunter Stock improves recoil control and flinch stability for steadier long-range shooting.
  • Rear Grip: The MTZ Factory Rear Grip increases sprint-to-fire speed, so you can start shooting faster after sprinting between positions.
  • Magazine: The 20 20-round mag doubles the default magazine size for less frequent reloading.

Lethal Secondary: Best SMG

Pair the Interceptor with an SMG secondary like the P90 or MP9 to dominate up close after sniping at range. The Overkill vest lets you pull out your SMG in close quarters and continue your kill streak.

Optimal Perks and Upgrades for the Interceptor

To become an unstoppable quick scoping machine, equip these perks and upgrades:

  • Perk 1Sleight of Hand cuts your reload time in half, essential due to the Interceptor’s slow fire rate.
  • Perk 2Quick-Grip Gloves let you aim down sights faster after sprinting, allowing for quick scope kills.
  • Perk 3Resupply ensures you have extra magazines ready when things get hairy.
  • Perk 4High Alert lets you know when enemies outside your field of view spot you, preventing flanks.
  • Field Upgrade: The Trophy System destroys lethal enemy equipment near you, protecting you from grenades and rockets while scoped in.

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Playing to the MTZ Interceptor’s Strengths

To wield the MTZ Interceptor effectively, play to its strengths by sticking to long lines of sight where you can pick off enemies at range. Move between high vantage points and protected positions using your SMG for close quarters.

The large 20-round magazine lets you remove groups of enemies per magazine if you chain chest and headshots. Thanks to Sleight of Hand and Resupply, you can continue sniping rapid-fire even through extended engagements.

Constantly watch your flanks with the help of High Alert. If an enemy does get the drop on you, quickly switch to your SMG rather than scope in for the slower Interceptor kill.


You can lock down entire maps in Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer by pairing a tuned Interceptor with solid equipment and flank-watching perks. The high-risk, high-reward nature of quick scoping with this kit leads to immensely satisfying one-shot kills. Just be sure to watch those flanks and check your corners!

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