Best Motion Style in NBA 2K24

For avid NBA 2K players, choosing the right motion style is crucial to excelling on the virtual court. The motion style impacts how your MyPlayer moves and interacts in the game, directly affecting your ability to drive past defenders, stop on a dime to shoot, or lock down your matchup. With NBA 2K24 offering more customization than ever around movement, finding your best-fit motion style is critical. This guide will overview the top motion styles and provide tips for determining what works best for your game.

Speed and Agility Focused Motion Styles

If your game is predicated on speed, quick cuts, and dynamic moves, a few motion styles can take your game to another level.

Quick First Step

As the name suggests, Quick First Step gives your player an explosive first step off the dribble that can blow by even the peskiest defenders. This style mirrors players like Ja Morant or De’Aaron Fox, who use their sudden burst to knife through defenses. Quick First Step renders on-ball defenders helpless on the fast break or in isolation as you jet past them to the rim. It’s essential for any dribble-drive scoring threat.

Lateral Quickness

For locking down defensively, Lateral Quickness is an elite choice. This motion style keeps your player agile, shuffling side-to-side and changing directions on a dime. The boost in agility translates to smothering perimeter defense – cutting off driving lanes, contesting step-back jumpers, and checking cutters. Lateral Quickness offers a significant advantage for any defensive stopper in mirroring and containing opposing offensive weapons.

Floor General

This signature style gives you a speed advantage in the open court to push tempo while also allowing you to run the offense in the half-court. Like traditional point guards, Floor General quickens your pace with the ball in transition to find early scoring and slows it down when necessary to exploit the defense via pick-and-rolls or drive-and-kicks. For a dynamic lead guard, Floor General hits the mark.

Best Motion Style in NBA 2K24

Ball Handling and Shooting Focused Styles

Scoring the basketball is central for any elite 2K player. These motion styles make it happen.

Tight Handles

Advanced dribble moves are only worthwhile if you can string them together seamlessly. That’s where Tight Handles makes the difference. Tight Handles open space to launch from deep or get to the rim by a chain, ing combos and exits off open crossover, behind-the-back, and more. Tight Handles is easily one of the best styles for anyone looking to break ankles before pulling up.

Base Size-Up

When looking to create offense, Base Size-Up gives you all the moves. This style adds ankle-breaking size-up dribbles, making defenders look silly before nailing the open jumper. In isolation, the Base Size-Up packages like Allen Iverson’s iconic crossover or Luka Doncic’s methodical escapes help you generate clean looks regularly. For shot creators and playmakers, it’s an elite choice.

Flexible Release

Flexible Release is the top shooting-focused style for those seeking every possible edge in their jumper. It expands the green release window on shots, meaning slightly early or late releases still have a strong chance of going in. For veterans with a knockdown jump shot already, Flexible Release makes it even deadlier and limits frustration on mistimed efforts. Consider it a must-have.

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Badge and Attribute Focused Styles

These are ideal places to start if you want to maximize specific badges or attributes with your motion style.

Limitless Range

Any player looking to pull up from 30+ feet thrives with Limitless Range. This style boosts the impact of shooting badges like Limitless Spot Up and Deep Threes, expanding your effective range closer to half-court. For guards who can shoot comfortably off the dribble from anywhere, Limitless Range gives you a headache when defending. Steph Curry has built his career around this style.

Ankle Insurance

Ankle Insurance minimizes the chances of getting injured on sharp cuts or awkward landings. By protecting your player’s fragile ankles and limiting time missed, Ankle Insurance ensures you stay healthy and productive out on the court. It pairs perfectly with lateral Quickness and agility-focused styles.


Downhill amplifies your top speed with the ball in transition opportunities. It maximizes your open-court speed on the break to consistently beat other players down the floor. This style translates to easy transition buckets for explosive guards and forwards who can handle the rock before defenses can get set.

Critical Tips for Finding Your Best Fit

While certain motion styles stand out as elite options, finding your personal best fit depends on your position, style of play, and areas you want to improve. Here are tips for dialing in the proper motion style:

  • Experiment in MyCOURT – Test different motion styles against CPU defenders to experience how each impacts your movement.
  • Play to your strengths – Lean into styles that boost skills you already excel at. Don’t fight your natural tendencies.
  • Mask your weaknesses – Conversely, consider styles that help cover your shortcomings on the court.
  • Simulate your NBA role model – Pick the style of your favorite NBA player to mirror how they play.


Finding your right motion style in 2K24 may take some tinkering and experimentation. But once you land the best fit, it can take your game to the next level. Use the styles overviewed here as your guide, follow the tips above, and dominate the virtual hardwood with the proper motion fit.

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