Best Mining Pals in Palworld

Palworld is a unique life simulation game where players can recruit, raise, and control cute creature companions called Pals. One of the key activities in Palworld is mining for valuable resources like iron, gold, and gems. Having the right Pals on your team can greatly improve your mining efficiency and haul. This article will cover the top Pals for mining in Palworld based on their skills, abilities, and versatility.

What Makes a Good Mining Pal?

When selecting Pals for mining duties, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Mining Level: All Pals have a mining skill level from 1 to 4. The higher the level, the faster and more efficiently they can mine.
  • Mining Special Abilities: Some Pals have bonuses like increased ore detection radius or spin attacks that break rocks faster. These help optimize the mining process.
  • Strength: Mining takes physical exertion. Stronger Pals can mine faster and carry more ore back to base.
  • Versatility: Since you can only have a limited number of Pals in your party, those that can both mine effectively and serve other functions like combat are ideal.

Keeping these factors in mind, here are the top Pals to recruit for mining in Palworld.

Best Mining Pals Palworld

Mammorest – The Early Game Mining Specialist

Mammorest may look like a cute pigmy mammoth, but it’s an incredibly versatile mining Pal. With a mining level of 3, it can efficiently gather stone, iron, and other basics. It also has high strength to carry large ore loads. Being an early game Pal, Mammorest is easy to catch and doesn’t require advanced supplies. Use it to kickstart your mining efforts and gather essential construction materials.

Rushoar Paldeck No. 020 – Ideal for Stone Gathering

This agricultural boar Pal has a mining level of just 1. However, you can ride Rushoar while it attacks stone nodes. This riding bonus makes it excel at gathering vast amounts of stone quickly. It also has decent strength and can be obtained relatively early. Rushoar is ideal for stockpiling tons of stone for crafting and base expansion.

Penking – Ore Deposit Detection Specialist

Penking is a later-game penguin Pal with average mining abilities. What makes it stand out is the ore detection skill. With Penking in your party, valuable ore deposits will be marked on your minimap from further away. This makes it far easier to locate iron, silver, gold, and crystal clusters. Pair Penking with a high mining level Pal to gather ores quickly.

Astegon – The Ultimate Late Game Miner

This dragon-like Pal unlocks later in Palworld after advancing your relationships with Pals. But the effort is well worth it – Astegon is arguably the best mining Pal in the entire game! With a max mining level of 4, incredible strength, and high HP, Astegon can rapidly mine huge amounts of ore. Its active skill, Dragoquake, also instantly destroys all stones in an area. Use Astegon to mine efficiently near high-level Stone Pits.

Blazamut – The Multi-Purpose Mining Pal

Blazamut has a mining skill of 3, along with solid HP, strength, and combat abilities. This makes Blazamut a versatile Pal that can mine ores, transport materials, and hold its own in battles against wild creatures. Its spin attack is useful for breaking groups of rocks quickly. Have Blazamut in your main party if you want one Pal to handle mining and fighting.

Anubis – Jackal of All Trades

Named after the Egyptian god, Anubis lives up to its legendary namesake. It has a high mining level of 3, excellent strength, and combat prowess. Anubis can quickly mine ore patches and then help fight off cave creatures like Mofumofus and Duwangs. It can also carry heavy ore loads long distances back to base. Anubis is a great all-around mining Pal.

Digtoise – The Rapid Spin Miner

This turtle-inspired Pal can withdraw into its shell and spin rapidly to attack rocks and shatter them instantly. By combining this spin attack with Digtoise’s mining skill of 3, you can swiftly gather ore from clusters and stone pits. It also has good HP to take hits from cave creatures while mining. Use Digtoise to mine stone and ore deposits rapidly.

Quivern – Another Multi-Talented Mining Option

The winged Quivern has well-balanced stats, including a mining skill of 2. It can mine ore fairly quickly and fly it back to base or storage chests without having to traverse on the ground. Quivern is also solid in combat and has a defensive shield ability. With mining, mobility, and fighting skills, Quivern is a great versatile mining Pal.

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Optimizing Your Mining Pal Team

With so many great mining Pals, assembling the right team is crucial to maximize efficiency. Here are some tips:

  • Have at least one top miner like Astegon or Mammorest to gather ores and stones rapidly.
  • Include one Pal with ore detection, like Penking, to locate deposits quickly.
  • Add versatile Pals like Anubis, who can mine, transport ore, and fight creatures.
  • Don’t overload on miners – you need Pals for other duties, too.
  • Arrange mining outposts near stone pits and caves so Pals don’t have to travel far.
  • Equip Pals with Mining Hats and other items that boost efficiency.


Mining is an essential part of expanding your capabilities in Palworld. Having the right team of mining Pals will determine how quickly you can gather resources to craft weapons, buildings, armour, and more. Pals like Astegon, Mammorest, Digtoise, and Anubis are mining powerhouses owing to their skills, strength, and versatility. Assemble a balanced mining crew, take advantage of their abilities, and you’ll be flush with resources in no time. The Pals featured in this guide will have you mining like a pro. Now get out there, befriend some Pals, and start breaking rocks!

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