Best Lucio Counters Overwatch 2

Lucio is one of the most popular support heroes in Overwatch 2, known for his high mobility and ability to enable teammates with speed boosts and healing. His wall-riding and hard-to-hit hitbox make him a challenging target for enemies. However, with the right heroes, abilities, and strategies, Lucio can be countered effectively. Explore “Best Lucio Counters Overwatch 2”

What is Lucio’s Strengths

To counter Lucio, it’s important first to understand what makes him strong in Overwatch 2:

  • Mobility – Lucio’s wall ride gives him incredible mobility around the map, making him hard to pin down. He can quickly reposition and evade attackers.
  • AOE Healing/Speed – Lucio provides passive healing and speed to nearby teammates. His Crossfade ability allows him to alternate between healing and speed boosting.
  • Sound Barrier Ultimate – Lucio’s ultimate provides a massive temporary shield to himself and nearby allies, enabling aggressive pushes.
  • Boop Ability – Lucio’s Soundwave ability can knock back enemies, boop them off ledges, or disrupt their position.
Best Lucio Counters Overwatch 2

Key Heroes for Countering Lucio

Certain heroes in Overwatch 2 have abilities that are particularly effective at dealing with Lucio:


  • Sombra’s Hack deactivates all of Lucio’s abilities, removing his mobility and support strengths.
  • Her EMP ultimately completely shuts down Lucio’s Sound Barrier.
  • Sombra can also hack health packs to deny Lucio’s team healing.


  • McCree’s Flashbang stuns Lucio, stopping him in his tracks and making him an easy target.
  • His Fan the Hammer can quickly burst down Lucio’s low-health pool.


  • Roadhog’s hook brings Lucio out of position and into a one-shot range of Roadhog’s scrap gun.
  • Take a Breather enables Roadhog to withstand Lucio’s damage and heal up.


  • Mei’s Endothermic Blaster slows Lucio’s movement speed, hindering his mobility.
  • Her Ice Wall blocks Lucio’s movement paths and line of sight.
  • Cryo-Freeze can counter the Sound Barrier’s activation.

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Effective Tactics and Strategies

Beyond hero picks, certain tactics and approaches are effective at shutting down Lucio:

Focus Fire

  • Focus fire is key to quickly bursting down Lucio’s health before he can escape. Heroes like Ashe, Widowmaker, and McCree can land quick headshots.

Zone Control

  • Heroes like Junkrat and Mei can zone Lucio away from allies with their AOE damage and control abilities.

Dive Comps

  • Dive comps with heroes like Winston and D.Va can quickly close the gap on Lucio and chase him down before he gets away.


  • Flankers like Reaper and Tracer can pressure Lucio from multiple angles and catch him off guard.

Bait and Punish

  • Bait out Lucio’s Sound Barrier, then use ultimates like Graviton Surge once it ends to punish the enemy team.

Health Pack Control

  • Controlling health packs denies Lucio opportunities to heal up and sustain in skirmishes.

Execution Tips and Tricks

  • Track Lucio’s wall ride paths and aim to intercept him at chokepoints.
  • Burst damages him from the high ground, where he can’t reach you easily.
  • Save stuns to interrupt his Sound Barrier cast.
  • Focus on isolating Lucio from his teammates where he is most vulnerable.


Lucio is a challenging hero to counter due to his mobility and support strengths. However, using heroes like Sombra and Mei that can slow him down, focusing fire, and controlling his movement can effectively shut him down. Proper ability timing and positioning are key. Lucio thrives off being evasive, so make it a goal to lock him down and quickly overwhelm him before he can speed boost away. With practice, Lucio can be denied the opportunity to support his team effectively.

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