Best KVD Enforcer Loadout: MW3

The KVD Enforcer is one of the most robust and adaptable Assault rifles in Modern Warfare 3. With the right connections and advantages, it is a compell weapon for lack elbow room and longer-reach commitment. In this Article Best KVD Enforcer Loadout MW3 we’ll separate the best relationships, benefits, and, by and large, loadout to expand the Master’s expected across various game modes.

Ideal Connections for the Enforcer

Pick the right connections is pivotal to maximize the Master’s capacities. Here are the top suggestions:


The Enforcer’s range and accuracy are significantly affected by the barrel attachment. Two extraordinary choices are:

  • KAS-7 Integrated Suppressor -This smothered barrel keeps you stowed away from the minimap while expanding reach and projectile speed. It is ideal for combat at medium range in stealth.
  • KAS-Dworf Heavy Long Barrel – This drawn-out barrel supports the Master’s reach and precision for longer distance commitment.


Prepared the right optic can assist you with landing exact shots at range. Two champions are:

  • MK.3 Reflector – This straightforward red spot sight gives clean focus without zoom. It excels in close-to-midrange combat.
  • Corio ELT-10 2.5- This scope’s 2.5x magnification improves accuracy at greater distances.


The stock attachment influences the Enforcer’s handle. Two top choices are:

  • MK Viper Marksman Stock – This stock further develops strength for additional precise shots while pointing down sights.
  • EXO-TAC – Give quicker point stroll development speed, this stock further develops portability close to other people.


Broadened magazines let you bring down additional foes before reload. The 20 20-round mag is the top decision for the Master.

Rear Grip

The back grasp connection unobtrusively impacts withdrawal control and take care of. Two appropriate choices are:

  • Demo TL20 Backlash Hold – As the name proposes, this grasp lessens withdrawal for a more exact fast fire.
  • FTAC SP-10 Calculated Grasp – Exchange some backlash control for quicker Promotions speed, this hold further develops tight situation execution.
Best KVD Enforcer Loadout MW3

Lethal Equipment

Supplement your essential weapon with the right deadly gear can give you an edge in battle. Two phenomenal choices for the Enforcer class are:

  • Semtex Grenades – These tacky projectiles are ideally suited for flush out dug-in adversaries or get targets.
  • Throwing Knife – With pinpoint precision and one-hit-kill potential, the tossing blade is excellent for subtle flanking playstyles.

Ideal Advantages for Various Playstyles

Choosing perks that support your preferred playstyle is critical to success with the Enforcer. Here are some recommended perk combinations:


It is ideal for highly aggressive run-and-gun tactics in close quarters.

  • Reconnaissance – Shows enemy footsteps and names through walls, helping you track targets.
  • Extreme Conditioning – Increased sprint duration to close gaps quickly.
  • Steady Aim – Improves hip fire accuracy for on-the-move fights.


Perfect for precise mid-long range engagements from cover.

  • Marksman – Hold your breath longer while aiming down your sights for extra accuracy.
  • Quickdraw – Fast ADS speed to snap onto targets quickly.

Stalker – Makes it more accessible to strafe and stay on target while ADS.


Tailored for stealthy flanked maneuvers behind enemy lines.

  • Blind Eye – Imperceptible by artificial intelligence-controlled streaks like the air conditioner 130.
  • Dead Quiet – Hushes your development for secretive flanks.
  • SitRep- Avoid traps by spotting enemy explosives and equipment.

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Full Loadout Model

Here is an illustration of a wholly upgraded KVD Enforcer loadout:


KVD Enforcer with:

  • KAS-7 Integrated Suppressor
  • MK.3 Reflector
  • MK Viper Marksman Stock
  • 20 Round Mag

Demo TL20 Recoil Grip


PP2000 with Silencer






  • Surveillance
  • Quickdraw
  • SitRep

Strike Package

Assault – Hunter Rocket, AH-6 Overwatch, Assault Drone

This loadout gives solid adaptability to mid-range battle, with strong connections for covertness, exactness, and control. The advantages empower fast objective procurement and attention to adversary gear. At long last, the strike bundles significant areas of strength and offers streaks to assist you with overwhelm, particularly in genuine modes.


  • Exploit the Enforcer’s adaptability. It succeeds at close-mid reach; however, it can, in any case, radiate foes a good ways off when there’s no other option.
  • Move purposely and use a cover. Try to stay in the open. The Implementer rewards a versatile yet strategic play style.
  • Utilize the incorporated silencer for secrecy, yet trade it for broadened barrels on additional open guides to amplify range.
  • Convey a solid gun like the PP2000 for reinforcement when you want quicker take care of very close.
  • Change the loadout according to your game mode and map without being afraid. For instance, utilize Blind Eye more in Ground War.

With the right loadout customized to your style, the KVD Master can be one of the deadliest and most adaptable weapons in the present-day Fighting 3’s stockpile. Ace its subtleties, and you’ll end up at the highest point of the competitor lists.

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