Best Haymaker Loadout in MW3

The Haymaker is one of the most popular shotguns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) multiplayer. The Haymaker can be a devastating weapon in small maps and tight spaces with its high damage output at close range. However, to get the most out of the Haymaker, you need the right combination of attachments and perks to maximize its strengths. This guide will down two of the Best Haymaker Loadout in MW3 class setups and recommended extensions for close-quarters carnage.

Loadout #1: Accuracy and Mobility

This first Haymaker loadout focuses on improving the weapon’s weapon and mobility for swift manoeuvres and reactions in close-range battles.


Muzzle: Crown Breaker Choke

The Crown Breaker Choke tightens the spread of the HaymakeHaymaker’s fors for better precision at close range. This makes it easier to land lethal one-shot kills.

Barrel: Imperator Long

The Imperator Long barrel further improves the effective range and accuracy of the Haymaker. Together with the choke, you’ll have a more consistent spread pattern.

**Laser: Corvus PEQ Beam-5 **

The snappy PEQ Beam-5 laser provides a visible and steady aim point for quickly acquiring targets. It improves hip-fire accuracy.

Stock: No Stock Mod

Removing the stock significantly boosts movement speed, including aim-down sight speed. This allows for swift target acquisition when rounding corners.

Magazine: 20 Round Drum

The higher-capacity drum magazine lets you take down multiple enemies before reloading. Great for multi-kill potentials.


Overkill – Carry a primary weapon like an AR for longer ranges

Quick-Grip Gloves – Faster aim down sight speed

Lightweight Boots – Increased movement speed

EOD Padding – Reduced explosive damage


Lethal: Frag Grenade

Cookable grenades are great for flushing out campers and controlling areas

Tactical: Munitions Box

Constant access to equipment like stuns and grenades to help rack up kills

This loadout allows you to play aggressively, charging into close quarters and reacting quickly, thanks to improved handling and mobility. The accuracy upgrades make the Haymaker more reliable for one-shot kills.

Best Haymaker Loadout in MW3

Loadout #2: All-Out Speed

If you want to maximize mobility with the Haymaker, this second loadout cranks the pace to super-sonic levels. Be ready to zoom across maps and ambush enemies.


Muzzle: RMGE-7

The RMGE-7 offers some of the best handling improvements for the Haymaker. It speeds up, aim-down sight, and recoil recovery.

Barrel: Imperator Long Barrel

Again, the extended Imperator barrel gives you a better effective range.

Laser: FTAC Grimline Laser

The Grimline laser provides a clear, accurate sight picture even when hip-firing on the move. Great for tracking targets.

Stock: No Stock Mod

Removing the stock is vital once more for the massive mobility enhancement. Strafe quickly during fights.

Underbarrel: VX Pineapple

The VX Pineapple grip improves overall handling, including swap times. It lets you transition to the Haymaker rapidly.


Overkill – Carry a more extended range of secondary

Quick-Grip Gloves – Blazing fast ADS

Lightweight Boots – Super sprint speeds

EOD Padding – Protection from random explosives


Lethal: Frag Grenade

Frags can scatter groups of enemies in tight spaces

Tactical: Munitions Box

Refill equipment constantly to control areas

This loadout turns you into a rusher’s Sprint and gun down enemies before they even see you coming. The mobility-focused attachments complement the run-and-gun playstyle perfectly.

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Recommended Haymaker Attachments

While the above two loadouts provide specific examples, you can mix and match various attachments to create your ideal Haymaker class. Here are some of the best extensions for the Haymaker in MW3:


  • Crown Breaker Choke – Tightens spread for better range and accuracy
  • RMGE-7 – Improves handling and recoil recovery


  • Imperator Long Barrel – Boosts effective range and accuracy


  • Canted Vibro-Dot 7 – Clear precision sight for hip-firing
  • FTAC Grimline Laser – Visible steady laser for tracking targets


  • No Stock Mod – Massive increases in mobility and handling


  • Bruen Bastion Angled Grip – Recoil and sway control for better accuracy
  • VX Pineapple – Faster handling and swap times

Experiment with these attachments to build a Haymaker class that matches your close-quarters playstyle. Prioritize accuracy, mobility, handling, or a mix of all three.

Unlocking the Haymaker

Before you can start dominating with the Haymaker shotgun, you must unlock it in MW3 multiplayer. Here’s Here’step 1) Reach Military Rank 39

The Haymaker is unlocked at level 39, so play matches and earn XP until you reach this rank.

Step 2) The Haymaker will now be available in your loadout selection.

Once unlocked, immediately equip it to start levelling it up. This lets you open attachments faster.

Step 3) Customize with attachments

Add the recommended attachments above, like the Crown Breaker Choke and Imperator Barrel, to maximize its close-range lethality.


With the right attachments and perks, the Haymaker can be an unstoppable tool for demolishing enemies at close range. Its fast fire rate and high damage make it lethal up close. Unlock it at Rank 39, then experiment with the recommended attachments here to find your perfect Haymaker loadout. Whether you prefer enhanced accuracy or extreme mobility, the Haymaker is one of the best shotguns for charging into the fray and coming out on top.

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