Best Handiwork Pals in Palworld

In the whimsical and creative world of Palworld, Pals are more than just digital companions – they are valuable partners that can assist players in building, crafting, resource gathering, and more. Of all the Pals in Palworld, Anubis is the best choice for handiwork and construction tasks. With an exceptional handiwork skill level of 5, Anubis is a master craftsman capable of significantly boosting a player’s productivity and efficiency.

An Overview of Anubis in Palworld

Anubis is an anthropomorphic jackal-headed Pal unveiled in Palworld’s promotion material. Visually, it resembles the Egyptian god Anubis’s dark fur, pointed ears, and golden Egyptian-style collar.

Despite its intimidating appearance, Anubis is amicable and devoted. It has a laidback and calm demeanor, dutifully following orders without complaint.

According to its in-game bio, Anubis has a handiwork skill of 5 stars – the highest possible level. This makes Anubis a precious Pal for crafting, building, and other construction tasks.

Best Handiwork Pals Palworld

Why Anubis Excels at Handiwork

Anubis’ phenomenal handiwork capabilities stem from a few key factors:


With its maxed-out handiwork skill, Anubis demonstrates incredible speed at crafting, building, and material processing. It can blaze through tasks at two to three times the speed of an average human. This enables massive time savings on construction and crafting projects.


Anubis performs handiwork tasks with pinpoint accuracy and care, producing high-quality work. Its constructions are sturdy, and its crafted goods are flawlessly assembled.


As a Pal, Anubis has limitless stamina and can work on tasks nonstop without tiring. It can take on grueling projects extending over days or weeks without performance drops.


Anubis exhibits competent multi-tasking and time management skills. It can juggle several handiwork tasks simultaneously without compromising efficiency or quality.

With this potent blend of speed, accuracy, tirelessness, and multi-tasking, Anubis represents the pinnacle of handiwork Pals. It massively amplifies a player’s productivity and enables large-scale construction and crafting projects.

How Anubis Helps in Handiwork Tasks

Here are some of the significant benefits Anubis provides with its stellar handiwork skills:

Faster Crafting

Anubis can craft weapons, armor, clothing, furnishing, and other items at blazing speeds. This enables mass production of crafted goods for trade or personal use.

Quick Construction

Building projects like bases, houses, fortifications, and bridges can be completed quickly, with Anubis handling the construction.

Efficient Resource Gathering

Anubis mines, chops, harvests, and gathers resources rapidly, securing a steady supply of crafting materials.

Assembly Line Work

At production facilities, Anubis works assembly lines tirelessly, automating the output of weapons, spheres, and other manufactured goods.

Base Development

With Anubis’ help, player bases can be built up and expanded efficiently through its rapid construction of buildings, fortifications, and infrastructure.

Skill Training

Anubis can quickly produce crafts to help train less experienced Pals and improve their handiwork skills.

With these benefits, Anubis becomes an invaluable partner in building, expanding, and developing within the world of Palworld.

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Optimal Tasks for Anubis

While Anubis is adept at all handiwork, here are some optimal tasks that take full advantage of its capabilities:

  • Mass crafting weapons, armor, clothing, and furnishings for trade
  • Rapid construction of player bases, houses, bridges
  • Harvesting building materials like lumber and stone
  • Mining iron ore, coal, and other resources in large quantities
  • Operating production lines for weapons, spheres, and other items
  • Constructing fortifications like walls, fences, and watchtowers
  • Clearing land and terrain shaping in preparation for building
  • Assisting and training less experienced Pals to improve their handiwork skills

With direction from the player, Anubis can make quick work of these crucial handiwork tasks. Its speed, precision, tirelessness, and multi-tasking shine through when assigned these optimal roles.

How Anubis Compares to Other Pals

While all Pals in Palworld have varied levels of handiwork skill, none come close to matching Anubis’ mastery. Here’s how Anubis stacks up against some other notable Pals:

  • Lyleen (Handiwork Level 3): Skilled but significantly slower than Anubis. Better suited for intermediate tasks.
  • Verdash (Handiwork Level 3): Decent speed but prone to making mistakes, resulting in lower quality work than Anubis.
  • Wixen (Handiwork Level 3): Solid handiwork Pal but lacks the exceptional speed of Anubis.
  • Lunaris (Handiwork Level 3): Reliable skill but cannot perform at the blazing fast pace of Anubis.

While Pals like Lyleen and Lunaris make capable handiwork companions, Anubis’ maxed-out skill and blazing speed put it in its own tier. It simply outclasses every other Pal when it comes to productivity and efficiency.

Using Anubis Effectively

To make the most of Anubis’ incredible handiwork skills, players should focus on a few key strategies:

  • Specialization – Have Anubis concentrate on handiwork instead of combat or other roles.
  • Resources – Ensure Anubis has the materials it needs to work efficiently.
  • Multi-tasking – Leverage Anubis’ ability to handle multiple jobs simultaneously.
  • Rest – Give Anubis time to rest when fatigue sets in after prolonged work.
  • Oversight – Check Anubis’ work periodically for mistakes and provide guidance.
  • Skill Training – Have Anubis assist with training less experienced Pals.

Players can maximize productivity with this handiwork powerhouse by specializing in Anubis, providing resources, enabling multi-tasking, allowing rests, giving oversight, and using its skills to train other Pals.


In Palworld, building, crafting, and resource gathering are core gameplay mechanics. With phenomenal handiwork skills, Anubis is the ultimate Pal for these crucial tasks. Its unrivaled speed, quality of work, tirelessness, and multi-tasking abilities empower players to achieve more.

While all Palworld Pals have their strengths, Anubis’ mastery of handiwork makes it the MVP in construction and production. Players who partner with Anubis will boost their efficiency and productivity to new heights. Its power to enhance building, crafting, and resource harvesting cements Anubis as Palworld’s #1 handiwork specialist.

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