Best AMR9 Loadout in Modern Warfare 3

The AMR9 submachine gun is one of the most versatile and powerful weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. You can create a custom AMR9 class that dominates all playstyles and maps with the right attachments and perks. This article will down the best wings, perks, equipment, and secondary weapons to build the ultimate AMR9 loadout.

Choosing the Right AMR9 Attachments

Attachments make a difference in fine-tuning your AMR9 to excel in critical areas like recoil control, damage range, and aiming stability. Here are the best extensions for maxing out the AMR9’s AMR9’sial:


The Rival-38E Fire Starter barrel enhances damage range and bullet velocity, while the Tectonic Herald Light Barrel improves recoil control. Both are great options for boosting the AMR9’s ability in mid-range fights.


The VP27 Mini Brake muzzle brake helps reduce vertical recoil, allowing you to land shots more accurately. Alternatively, the Shadowstrike Suppressor S provides sound suppression without sacrificing too much range.

Rear Grip

The Phantom Grip improves flinch resistance and aim-down sight (ADS) speed, while the Sakin ZX Grip offers recoil stabilization to keep you on target during rapid fire.


The Hellhound Carbine Stock and Pipeline Pro LTS stock enhance movement speed and ADS quickness for aggressive rushing.


The RGL-80 Grenade Launcher provides explosive versatility, while the XRK Edge BW-4 Tactical Knife speeds up close-quarters melee attacks.


The 9mm High Grain Rounds produce increased damage over the standard ammo type while retaining a decent range.


The Mk. 3 Reflector clear optic improves precision without slowing ADS speed. The FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip holographic is great for close-mid-range versatility.

Best AMR9 Loadout

Completing the Loadout with Perks and Equipment

Choosing the right perks and equipment is crucial for fully optimizing your AMR9 class. Here are great options based on your playstyle:

  • Rushing Loadout: Scavenger Gloves, Quick-Grip Gloves, Ghost T/V Camo, Mag Holster
  • Versatile Loadout: Scavenger Gloves, Quick-Grip Gloves, Munitions Box, Trophy System

Scavenger replenishes ammo, Quick-Grip speeds up sprint-to-fire time, and extra equipment like the Trophy System or Munitions box enhances longevity. Ghost keeps you concealed from UAVs when rushing.

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Picking the Ideal Secondary Weapon

Having a solid secondary weapon provides vital versatility when your AMR9 runs dry. The Renetti pistol is popular due to its rapid 3-round burst fire. The MCW, KV Inhibitor, and standard pistol are also great backups.

Pros of the Renetti

  • Deadly 3-round burst at short range
  • Minimizes recoil for solid accuracy
  • Customizable with attachments

Cons of the Renetti

  • Loses effectiveness at longer ranges
  • Slightly slower movement speed

Consider your engagement distance preferences when choosing a secondary. The Renetti provides excellent close-mid-range coverage to complement the AMR9 beautifully.


With the right attachments, perks, equipment, and secondary weapons, you can build an AMR9 class that dominates all playstyles. Essential extensions like the Rival-38E Fire Starter barrel, VP27 Mini Brake, and 9mm High Grain Rounds take the AMR9’s AMR9 to new heights. Perks like Scavenger and Quick-Grip enhance ammunition supply and reaction time while equipment expands longevity. Finally, the Renetti perfectly covers close-mid range weaknesses when your AMR9 needs reloading. Experiment until you create your perfect devastating AMR9 loadout.

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