Best 680 Loadout for Modern Warfare 3

The Lockwood 680 pump-action shotgun is one of the most powerful close-quarters weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Capable of one-shot kills at extremely close range, the 680 can quickly dispatch enemies in tight spaces. However, to truly maximize its potential, the right attachments and perks are needed. In this guide, we’ll break down the ideal Lockwood 680 loadout for dominating close-quarters combat in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer.

Overview of the Lockwood 680

The base Lockwood 680 shotgun has excellent damage and range for a pump-action shotgun. It can achieve one-shot kills out to approximately 10 meters. The 680 has a 6-round magazine capacity and fires individual shells, requiring a pump between each shot. The weapon’s immense stopping power offsets this moderate rate of fire.

With the right attachments, the effective range can be extended even further. The 680 excels in close-quarters battles where quick target acquisition and high damage are valued over the rate of fire. The large spread makes recoil easy to control, allowing for accurate follow-up shots. Due to its pump-action nature, the Lockwood 680 relies heavily on getting that first shot on target.

Best 680 Loadout for Modern Warfare 3

Best Attachment Breakdown

Here are the ideal attachments to maximize the 680’s damage and effective range in Modern Warfare 3:

Barrel – Lockwood Defender Heavy Barrel

This barrel attachment is designed specifically for the Lockwood 680. It provides a substantial boost to damage range, allowing for consistent one-shot kills at longer distances. The extended range gives you more flexibility to engage targets beyond point-blank.

Muzzle – Crown Breaker Choke

The Crown Breaker Choke further tightens the 680’s pellet spread for improved accuracy at range. Combined with the Lockwood Defender Heavy Barrel, the one-shot kill potential is pushed out even further. Longer-range kills require less precision aiming.

Stock – Sawed Off

The Sawed-Off stock cuts down Lockwood’s weight and makes aiming from the hip faster. This complements the run-and-gun playstyle that matches the 680’s strengths. The improved mobility and handling allow you to react quickly in close-range engagements.

Laser – STOVL Tac Laser

Unlike traditional shotguns, the Lockwood 680 benefits greatly from laser attachments. The STOVL Tac Laser provides a substantial accuracy bonus when firing from the hip. Since the 680 dominates in close quarters, enhanced hip fire is extremely valuable for fast target acquisition.

Underbarrel – VX Pineapple

For maximum mobility and speed, the VX Pineapple underbarrel attachment is ideal. It reduces the weapon’s weight for faster sprinting while not hindering pump-action speed—the extra mobility pairs perfectly with the Sawed-Off stock.

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Best Ideal Perks

To complement the weapon, the right perks are needed to maximize mobility:

Perk 1 – Infantry This perk increases movement speed for all equipment, including the 680, to help close distance on targets. Faster movement enhances the run-and-gun strategy.

Perk 2 – Quick Grip Gloves The faster ADS time improves target acquisition in close quarters where engagements happen quickly.

Gear – EOD Padding Improved explosive resistance allows you to play aggressively and absorb damage from enemy equipment and launchers.

Boots – Lightweight Boots Further increasing movement speed improves positioning and allows you to navigate the map rapidly.

How to Use the Lockwood 680 Loadout

With the ideal attachments and perks equipped, the Lockwood 680 truly excels at close-range combat. Here are some tips for dominating with this loadout:

  • Play aggressively and look for close-quarter opportunities. The 680 is ideal for maps like shipment and meat Counters with tight spaces.
  • Maximize mobility and speed with the Sawed-Off stock and Lightweight Boots. Strafe and stay on the move during engagements.
  • Lead engagements by firing from the hip with the laser accuracy bonus. Aim down sights only when necessary at longer ranges.
  • Get within extremely close range for one-shot kills. The Lockwood Defender Heavy Barrel extends this, but 10 meters or less is ideal.
  • Leverage the pump-action delay by using cover effectively. Break your line of sight briefly to chamber your next shell.
  • With Infantry and Lightweight Boots, keep your mobility high to avoid getting caught reloading.
  • Finish wounded enemies quickly by using the high damage and range to your advantage.

The Lockwood 680 dominates when used aggressively to leverage its massive close-range stopping power. Attachments like the STOVL Tac Laser and Lockwood Defender Heavy Barrel push its one-shot potential out further. Perks like Infantry and Quick Grip complement the run-and-gun playstyle. Use these tips and the recommended loadout to maximize your effectiveness with the Lockwood 680 pump-action shotgun in Modern Warfare 3.

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