Ballistic Knife: A Unique Weapon in COD Mobile

The Ballistic Knife is one of the most unique weapons available in Call of Duty Mobile (CoD Mobile). This specialized combat knife is introduced in Season 11 and offers players a versatile and deadly tool for various combat scenarios. In this article, we will explore the key features of the Ballistic Knife, how to acquire it in CoD Mobile, its attributes, comparisons to other knives, and the advantages and disadvantages it provides.

Overview and Features

The Ballistic Knife is a spring-loaded combat knife that allows players to fire the blade as a projectile. When depleted, the knives can also be used as a melee weapon for close-quarters combat. Here are the main features that make the Ballistic Knife stand out:

  • Projectile Attack: The main unique feature is the ability to fire the knife blade as a flying projectile towards enemies. This allows engaging targets from a distance of up to 10 meters.
  • Melee Weapon: The Ballistic Knife seamlessly switches to a melee weapon for close combat when out of projectile blades. This versatility keeps it deadly in various situations.
  • High Mobility: With a mobility rating of 90, the Ballistic Knife offers excellent manoeuvrability and speed for players.
  • Special Availability: Unlike standard knives, the Ballistic Knife is only available through the in-game Seasonal Store or Item Exchange.

These capabilities introduce new tactical options for players. The Ballistic Knife caters to more aggressive, high-risk playstyles.

Acquiring the Ballistic Knife in CoD Mobile

There are a couple of ways to acquire the Ballistic Knife in Call of Duty Mobile:

  • Seasonal Store Purchase: Players can buy the Ballistic Knife directly from the Seasonal Store using Credits earned through gameplay. The price is usually around 20,000 Credits.
  • Weapon Exchange: The Ballistic Knife is sometimes available as a redeemable reward in the Weapon Exchange. Players have to exchange specific items from their inventory to redeem the Ballistic Knife.

The Seasonal Store is the more direct purchase option, but the Exchange relies on collecting relevant items beforehand. Some players prefer the Exchange, which allows “trading up” unwanted inventory for the Ballistic Knife.

Various YouTube guides provide tips on the fastest ways to gather Credits or Exchange items required to get the Ballistic Knife quickly. Dedicated players can unlock it in a few hours of focused grinding.

Ballistic Knife

Ballistic Knife Attributes and Stats

The Ballistic Knife has the following stats in CoD Mobile:

  • Damage: 200
  • Accuracy: 70
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Fire Rate: 8 rounds per minute
  • Mobility: 90
  • Control: 70

These attributes make it highly lethal up close and moderately effective at longer ranges in skilled hands. The high damage, mobility, and unique projectile attack provide an unmatched toolbox for adaptable, aggressive play.

Comparison to Other Knives

The Ballistic Knife has some critical differences from standard melee knives in CoD Mobile:

  • Projectile Attack: Only the Ballistic Knife allows ranged projectile attacks. All other knives are melee-only.
  • Versatility: It switches from projectile to melee, allowing flexibility. Standard knives are single-mode melee weapons.
  • Availability: Ballistic Knife is only in the Seasonal Store or Exchange. Other knives are unlocked through progression.
  • Usage: Standard knives are purely close-quarters weapons. The Ballistic Knife works at multiple ranges.

These factors give the Ballistic Knife far more versatility and uniqueness than conventional knives. It brings distinct ranged capabilities that no other melee weapon can match.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

The Ballistic Knife has inevitable tradeoffs compared to other CoD Mobile weapons:


  • Ranged Attack: Firing projectile blades allow enemies to be engaged from a distance.
  • High Mobility: With a mobility 90, the Ballistic Knife permits swift flanking and movement.
  • Versatile Combat: Switching from projectile to melee attacks allows adapting to different combat situations.
  • Unique Gameplay: Provides distinctive gameplay compared to conventional guns and knives.


  • Limited Ammunition: Only a few projectile blades can be fired before reloading.
  • Skill Requirement: Leading targets and managing ammo requires practice and skill.
  • Availability: Can only be acquired through Seasonal Stores or exchanges.
  • Close-Quarters Only: Purely melee-based when out of projectile blades.

As a specialized weapon, the Ballistic Knife caters to more skilled players who can leverage its advantages while managing its limitations.


The Ballistic Knife is one of the most innovative and distinctive weapons in Call of Duty Mobile. Its versatile projectile and melee capabilities lend themselves to adaptable, daring playstyles. While requiring skill to master, the Ballistic Knife rewards dedicated players with a uniquely lethal tool for dominating close and mid-range combat situations. Its specialized nature and availability through progression or in-game purchases keep it a coveted option for players seeking a gameplay experience that no other weapon can fully provide. The Ballistic Knife truly stands in a league in the CoD Mobile arsenal.

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