Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Trophy Guide

Avatar:¬†Frontiers of Pandora Trophy Guide takes you to the visually stunning world of Pandora, allowing you to connect with nature as a Na’vi while combating human invaders. The expansive open world offers countless hours of exploration and adventure as you work to protect Pandora. This trophy guide provides tips to unlock all achievements as you fully immerse yourself in Frontiers of Pandora.

Complete Story and Scan All Plants/Wildlife

The first step is playing through the main storyline while scanning every plant and animal you encounter. Pandora teems with exotic flora and fauna, all documented in your in-game Hunter’s Guide. Thoroughly checking all wildlife and vegetation fills your codex while progressing the overarching narrative involving the native Na’vi resistance. Expect the story and comprehensive scanning to take approximately 15-20 hours.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Trophy Guide

Gather All Collectibles and Achieve 100% Air Quality.

After finishing the core storyline, focus on sweeping the world for hidden collectables and boosting your impact on Pandora’s threatened ecosystems. Collectables include text, audio, and visual logs shedding light on Pandora’s ecology. By removing destructive human architecture across the planets and healing natural habitats, you can achieve the maximum air quality rating as a conservationist hero. Allow 20-30 hours to complete all optional content.

Unlock Specific Quest-Based Trophies

Several trophies directly correspond with completing pivotal quests that underscore the Na’vi stand against human invasion. These quest-related achievements have self-explanatory names like “First Strike,” “Aranhahe Alliance,” and “Stronger Together” unlocked by finishing their respective quest chains about fighting back, building alliances, and combining forces with allies.

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Additional Trophies for Exploration

Various other trophies reward you for thorough exploration and interaction with Pandora’s living ecosystem. Tune into the planet’s energy by playing unique wind flutes and communing with sacred totem poles. Connect with creatures like moths to reach secret locations and mycelium networks for fast travel. Defeating human fortifications helps reclaim more land while crafting superior weapons and scanning exotic cuisine expands your capabilities.


Avatar:¬†Frontiers of Pandora Trophy Guide offers trophies for completing the central story, accumulating collectables, exploring a dynamic, open world, and ultimately defending Pandora’s divergent ecosystem. Invest ample time scanning each alien lifeform, gathering scattered logs, tuning into the planet’s energy, and forging alliances to fight off human invasion. With dedication and wonder, you can achieve every last trophy while transported into a lush alien realm.

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