Palworld: Astegon Location, How to Breed & More!


Astegon is one of the legendary and influential Pals in the quirky life simulation game Palworld. This Dark Dragon-type Pal has rare abilities that make it highly desirable for players in the game. This article will explore everything you need to know about finding, catching, and utilizing Astegon in Palworld.

Overview of Palworld

For those unfamiliar with the game, Palworld is a life simulation game developed by Pocketpair and published by Thunderful Publishing for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The game takes place in a quirky world inhabited by creatures called Pals.

Players take on the role of a new resident in Palworld. They aim to set a base, gather resources, catch and breed Pals, and ultimately take over the world. A key gameplay element is utilizing Pals for tasks like construction, resource gathering, exploration and combat.

The world of Palworld is divided into different biomes, each with their climate and native Pals. Over 100 unique Pal species players can collect, with more added through updates.

Astegon Palworld Location

How to Find Astegon in Palworld

So where can players find the rare Astegon Pal in Palworld?

Astegon spawns in two possible locations:

The Destroyed Mineshaft

This is located in the Volcanic region, towards the southwest of the Palworld map. The Volcanic region contains lakes of lava and is inhabited by fire and dragon-type Pals.

The Destroyed Mineshaft is an abandoned mining complex with dilapidated structures, mine tracks, and tunnels. The dark interior makes it the ideal lair for the Dark Dragon Astegon.

Remote Island

There is also a chance of encountering Astegon on a remote island northwest of the Palworld mainland. This island is in the southwestern corner of the map.

Being on a secluded island suits the reclusive nature of Astegon. However, players will have to access the island before attempting to catch it.

So, players should focus their search for Astegon in the Destroyed Mineshaft and Remote Island, located in the southwest region of the Palworld map.

How to Catch and Taming Astegon

Once you’ve tracked down Astegon, you must battle and successfully capture it. Here are some tips on catching this epic Pal:

  • Astegon is a powerful Dark/Dragon-type Pal. It will not go down easy in battle. Come prepared with plenty of vital items.
  • Bring Pals with Ice-type attacks to exploit Astegon’s weakness. Ice Pals like Frostina, Glacian and Yukon are good options.
  • Watch out for Astegon’s Dragon Cannon and other heavy-hitting attacks during battle. Dodge these to avoid taking significant damage.
  • Whittle down Astegon’s health until it becomes weakened. At this point, throw your most powerful Pal Sphere to capture it. You’ll need a high-ranked sphere to catch this S-tier Pal successfully.
  • If you accidentally defeat Astegon, it will respawn after a few in-game days. Please return to the location and try capturing it again.

You can add this epic dragon to your collection with skill and the right Pal team. Catching Astegon is very rewarding.

How to Breed Astegon

An alternative way to obtain Astegon is by breeding it at the Breeding Center. However, breeding Astegon requires having the right parent Pals first.

According to Palworld players, one combination to try is:

  • Male Pyrin Noct (Pyro Dragon-type)
  • Female Suzaku (Fire Bird type)

Assign this pair to the Breeding Center and wait for the incubation period. If successful, you’ll receive a rare Astegon egg!

Do note that Astegon eggs can only be obtained if you already have some challenges acquiring Pals in your collection. However, breeding is an energy-efficient way to get additional Astegons compared to catching wild ones.

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What are The Uses and Abilities

So why go through the effort of getting Astegon? What can this epic dragon do?

Here are some of Astegon’s top abilities:

Flying Mount

Astegon can be ridden through the skies as a flying mount. This enables fast aerial travel around the Palworld map or hard-to-reach areas. Gliding through the clouds on Astegon is an excellent way to explore.

Damage Boost

When mounted, Astegon boosts damage dealt to ore deposits. This makes mining iron, uranium and other resources extremely efficient.

Mining Worker

Astegon has a high worker skill level (4/5) for the Mining job. Assign it to your mining sites for increased productivity and resources.

Combat Skills

Astegon can unleash the powerful Dragon Cannon, dealing damage in a wide area in battle. It also has the Spirit Flame ability to burn enemies.

Black Ankylosaur Partner Skill

Astegon provides the rare Black Ankylosaur partner skill. This boosts damage output for your leading player, Pal.

With this impressive suite of abilities, it’s easy to see why obtaining Astegon is a top priority for Palworld players. This is a versatile Pal that excels in mining, combat and transportation.

Stats and Drops

Here are some key stats for Astegon:

  • Pal Type: Dark Dragon
  • Rarity: S Class
  • Biome: Volcanic, Remote Island
  • Health: 560
  • Speed: 160
  • Attack: 205

Some notable combat skills Astegon can use:

  • Dragon Cannon (Power: 30, Cooldown: 2 sec, Range: 500 – 4000)
  • Spirit Flame (Power: 75, Cooldown: 16 sec)

In terms of drops, there is no conclusive information on specific item drops from defeating Astegon. As a high-tier Pal, it likely has a chance to drop rare crafting materials. But players mainly focus on capturing this unique dragon rather than defeating it.


Astegon is one of the most potent and valuable Pals you can obtain in Palworld. With the ability to fly, mine efficiently, and boost damage, this Dark Dragon is a versatile addition to your Pal collection. While finding and catching Astegon takes effort, doing so is incredibly rewarding. Use the tips in this guide to add this epic Pal to your squad and take over the quirky world of Palworld!

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