Armored Core 6 Endings: Unlocking the Epic Conclusions


Armored Core 6 brings the acclaimed mech action series to new heights with its immersive gameplay and epic storyline. A major highlight that adds replayability and excitement is the multiple Armored Core 6 endings that players can unlock. With three distinct conclusions shaped by your choices throughout the game, experiencing all the Armored Core 6 endings becomes an engaging metagame as you guide the narrative down different paths.

Whether you trigger the ominous “Bad Ending,” the heroic “Good Ending,” or the secret “Golden Ending,” every playthrough takes you on a unique journey. Your decisions during key missions determine which Armored Core 6 ending you’ll see when the credits roll. This creates an innovative storytelling method that gets you invested in the outcomes your actions produce.

Unlocking all three Armored Core 6 endings poses an exciting challenge that provides hours upon hours of entertainment. It incentivizes repeated playthroughs while allowing you to advance the narrative in new directions every time. If you find yourself craving more after you witness your first Armored Core 6 ending, exploring an alternate path could give you the closure, resolution, or surprise you desire!

Fires of Raven Ending

Unlocking the Bad Ending

To experience the “Bad Ending,” known as the Fires of Raven, players need to complete specific missions during their initial playthrough. These missions include tasks like eliminating enforcement squads, preventing corporate salvage, destroying special forces craft, ambushing the Vespers, and eliminating “Cinder” Carla.

Recommended Playthrough

While the Fires of Raven Ending is considered the least favorable, it’s recommended to pursue it during the first playthrough for a complete gaming experience.

Liberator of Rubicon Ending

Unlocking the Good Ending

The “Good Ending,” known as the Liberator of Rubicon, requires completing particular missions either in the first playthrough or in New Game+ (NG+). Notable missions include attacking the dam complex, preventing corporate salvage (NG+ exclusive), destroying special forces craft, ambushing the Vespers, and eliminating “Cinder” Carla. To fully unlock this ending, players must destroy the drive block and bring down the Xylem.

New Game+ Exclusive Missions

Certain missions crucial for the Liberator of Rubicon Ending are exclusive to New Game+, providing an incentive for players to explore the game again.

Completing the Ending Missions

To wrap up the Liberator of Rubicon Ending, players must undertake the challenging tasks of destroying the drive block and bringing down the Xylem.

Alea lacta Est Ending

The Golden Ending in New Game++

The Alea lacta Est Ending, often referred to as the “Golden Ending,” is exclusive to New Game++. Players must go through a third playthrough to unlock this ending.

Steps to Unlock

To unlock the Alea lacta Est Ending, players need to make specific choices during key missions in their New Game++ playthrough. This involves choices during the dam complex mission, completing the weaponized mining ship escort, preventing corporate salvage, and various missions in Chapters 4 and 5.

Importance of Previous Endings

Unlocking the Alea lacta Est Ending requires experiencing both the Fires of Raven and Liberator of Rubicon Endings on the same file, adding a unique layer to the game’s storytelling.

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Differences Between Endings

The three endings in Armored Core 6 offer significant variations based on player decisions and mission choices. Let’s briefly explore these differences.

Fires of Raven Ending

Considered the “Bad Ending,” it’s likely the first ending encountered. The story outcome is less favorable, making it suitable for the initial playthrough.

Liberator of Rubicon Ending

The “Good Ending” provides a more satisfying conclusion. Player choices and completed missions lead to this ending, making it ideal for a New Game+ playthrough.

Alea lacta Est Ending

Known as the “Golden Ending,” it can only be achieved after obtaining both other endings on the same file and then embarking on a third playthrough. It offers a completely different storyline and is considered the most desirable ending.

Distinct Conclusions

Each ending in Armored Core 6 provides a unique conclusion to the game’s story, offering players diverse narrative experiences based on their decisions and chosen paths.

Unlocking the Secret Ending

To unlock the secret ending, also known as the “Alea lacta Est” or “True Ending,” players need to follow specific steps during their third playthrough in New Game++.

  1. Chapter 1 – Mission 6: Choose “Accept” during Attack the Dam Complex.
  2. Chapter 3 – Mission 19: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech (NG+ exclusive).
  3. Chapter 4 – Mission 32: Ambush the Vespers.
  4. Chapter 4 – Mission 37: Intercept Corporate Forces.
  5. Chapter 5 – Mission 38: Eliminate “Cinder” Carla.

After completing these missions, players unlock the Alea lacta Est ending, providing a more in-depth conclusion to the game’s story.

Estimated Time for Each Chapter

The time to complete each chapter in Armored Core 6 can vary based on individual playstyles and experience.

  • Chapter 1: 2-3 hours
  • Chapter 2: 40 minutes – 1 hour
  • Chapter 3: 3-3.5 hours
  • Chapter 4: 4 hours
  • Chapter 5: 2-5 hours

For a typical playthrough, the game can take around 25-30 hours to complete. However, to achieve 100% completion and see all three endings, it can take around 50-60 hours.


 Armored Core 6 offers an engaging narrative with multiple endings, adding replay value to the game. Players can shape the story based on their choices, leading to different conclusions. Whether experiencing the Bad, Good, or Golden Ending, each playthrough promises a unique and thrilling adventure.

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