ARK Survival Ascended: Beaver Dam Locations

Beaver Dams are highly sought-after structures in ARK Survival Ascended Beaver Dam Locations, providing shelter for castorides and containing abundant resources. With materials like Cementing Paste, Rare Flowers, Rare Mushrooms, Silica Pearls, and Wood, Beaver Dams offer supplies that can be difficult to obtain otherwise. Knowing prime Beaver Dam spots is vital for farming essentials in the early and late game.


Beaver Dams stand out with their brown, chest-like appearance along rivers, lakes, and coastlines. When destroyed, they provide valuable loot – making them an essential target for resource gathering. However, the Castoroides that inhabit them will become aggressive when Beaver Dams are pillaged. Caution and planning are necessary to reap Beaver Dam rewards safely.

This guide covers notable Beaver Dam locations in ARK Survival Ascended and strategies for gathering from them efficiently. With these Beaver Dam spots and tips, you can amass their critical resources while minimizing risk.

Prime Beaver Dam Locations

Here are some of the most plentiful Beaver Dam regions to target in ARK Survival Ascended:

South Zone 1 River

  • Coordinates: 76.7, 41.5
  • Resources: Silica Pearls, Rare Flowers/Mushrooms, Cementing Paste
  • Notes: Easy-to-access starting location with 5+ dams. Low-level creatures.

Southern Coast Lagoon

  • Coordinates: 91.6, 61.3
  • Resources: Silica Pearls, Rare Flowers/Mushrooms, Cementing Paste
  • Notes: 10+ Beaver Dams near peaceful herbivores. Low risk.

Northeast Redwoods River

  • Coordinates: 47.3, 65.8
  • Resources: Silica Pearls, Rare Flowers/Mushrooms, Cementing Paste
  • Notes: Accessible spot near a waterfall with 7+ dams. Some hostile dinosaurs nearby.

Top of Waterfall

  • Coordinates: 40.7, 72.6
  • Resources: Silica Pearls, Rare Flowers/Mushrooms, Cementing Paste
  • Notes: 5 Beaver Dams clustered atop a tall waterfall. Bring a flyer!

Northwest Redwood Forest River

  • Coordinates: 54.9, 26.7
  • Resources: Silica Pearls, Rare Flowers/Mushrooms, Cementing Paste
  • Notes: Secluded river bend surrounded by Redwoods. 5+ Beaver Dams available.

In addition, Beaver Lake, Ring Road River, and Colsen Falls offer sizeable groupings of Beaver Dams to tap into. You can create efficient resource runs with strategically placed bases near these spots.

ARK Survival Ascended Beaver Dam Locations

Gathering Safely from Beaver Dams

While Beaver Dams offer plentiful resources, the inhabitants guarding them pose a threat during gathering attempts. Use these tips to collect from Beaver Dams safely:

  • Approach stealthily on foot to avoid alerting nearby Castoroides prematurely.
  • Use flower-based lures from a distance to draw Castoroides away from the Beaver Dams temporarily.
  • Employ grappling hooks and fishing rods to loot Beaver Dams from creative angles the Castoroides can’t reach.
  • When Castoroides becomes aggressive, utilize knockback with weapons like the Doedic Rhammer or T-Rex.
  • Construct stone bases overlooking Beaver Dam areas to provide firmer regional control.

With the right strategy, you can strip Beaver Dams of resources in ARK Survival Ascended without putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

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Why Beaver Dams Matter

From cementing paste to silica pearls, Beaver Dams contain invaluable resources – especially for early and mid-game bases needing to expand.

Essentials for Progressing

Many essential items like electronics, polymer structures, and crystal items rely on plentiful silica pearls and cementing paste. Beaver Dams provide both materials quickly compared to other farming methods.

Rare Flowers and Rare Mushrooms are also used extensively for unique recipes and attracting essential creatures. Beaver Dams give solid stocks of these valuable resources.

Convenient Concentrated Areas

Rather than scattered individual sources, Beaver Dams concentrate valuable materials densely in centralized locations along waterways. You save time gathering efficiently from these “resource hot spots.”

With clusters of 5-10+ Beaver Dams in prime spots, farmers can collect large resource hauls by hitting a few concentrated areas. This enables bigger crafting batches.

Renewable Resources

Unlike most oil nodes or crystal formations depleted once farmed, Beaver Dams replenish their loot over time after being destroyed initially. You can revisit prime dam areas for renewable resources.

Just precise out all Beaver Dam contents in one swoop – they won’t refill a second time if already looted.


Beaver Dams should be a top priority for farming cementing paste, silica pearls, rare flowers/mushrooms, and other valuables in ARK Survival Ascended. By hitting the Beaver Dam locations and using the gathering tips covered here, you can secure essential resources to advance your capabilities on the ARK efficiently and strategically. Just stay wary of the Castoroides guarding the goods!

With time and practice, Beaver Dam loot runs become a reward for stockpiling supplies. Use this guide as a reference point for locating prime dam spots as you map out valuable resource points on your ARK Survival Ascended journeys.

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