Apex Legends Orientation Match Not Working

Apex Legends has skyrocketed in popularity since its surprise launch in February 2019, gaining over 50 million players within its first month. However, while Respawn Entertainment’s slick and innovative battle royale has won praise for its refined gameplay, polished visuals, and colourful roster of Legends, it has not been without its fair share of bugs and technical issues. One particularly notorious one is the Apex Legends Orientation Match Not Working bug, which has left new and experienced players unable to play the game properly.

The Issue Explained

The core problem lies in Apex Legends Orientation Match Not Working – three introductory games that new players must complete before accessing standard matches. These orientation matches familiarize players with essential gameplay mechanics against AI enemies before matching them online against human opponents.

However, a longstanding bug renders these orientation matches incompletable for many players. Victims of the bug report being unable to progress past the orientation matches despite successfully winning them multiple times and reaching level 5. Each time they try to play a standard match, Apex prevents them from queuing and prompts them to complete the orientation games again. This creates an endless loop that bars access to the main multiplayer modes.

Apex Legends Orientation Match Not Working

Timeline and Impact

Reports of the Apex orientation match issue first emerged within months of launch and have persisted ever since, with no permanent fix being implemented despite periodic attempts to patch it.

The bug seems capable of striking randomly, with reports of both brand-new players and experienced high-level players suddenly finding themselves trapped in orientation match hell. There does not appear to be a single trigger, meaning anyone could fall victim at any time. Considering Apex Legends sees roughly half a million concurrent players daily, that is an enormous number of potential victims.

Possible Causes

With no official explanation yet provided, speculation is all there is to reason why this crippling bug continues to occur. The most common theories trace it back to either server outages causing account data corruption or flaws in the orientation match code itself failing to initialize new player accounts properly.

Others wonder if it is tied to the software environment, whether an obscure hardware component, driver incompatibility, platform API flaw, or even malware interference. Isolating the exact cause has proved challenging.

Workarounds and Temporary Fixes

Lacking an official patch, affected players have attempted various makeshift solutions with mixed results. These include spamming inputs on the main menu, rapidly toggling settings, clearing cached data, changing languages back and forth, and even fully uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Such measures sometimes break the cycle temporarily but rarely offer permanent relief.

Another unverified potential method involves intentionally crashing during an orientation session using external tools to break out of the looping process forcibly.

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Calls for a Solution

While sporadic orientation match issues have surfaced now and then for over a year, the surge of reports in recent months from both freshly registered players and Apex veterans has amplified public complaints to fever-pitch levels.

The Apex Legends subreddit and EA Answers HQ forums are inundated with angry demands for Respawn to resolve the matter promptly, especially with new seasons and content updates doing little to curb the problem. Feedback has ranged from politely disappointed to outright enraged, given the hindrance to enjoying the game.

Thus far, though, official responses have been sparse, with no solid details on the progress of a fix. This has aggravated the situation further, but with any luck, continuous visibility and pressure from the player base may finally compel Respawn to eliminate this headache.


In closing, while Apex Legends deserves plaudits as an innovative combat-focused spin on battle royales with plenty of flair, It has randomly affected new and seasoned players, locking them in an endless repetitive loop and preventing them from enjoying the main multiplayer attractions. The exact causes remain uncertain despite ongoing investigations.

With no permanent fix yet implemented, temporary workarounds offer inconsistent respite. Until then, stay vigilant, gamers, as this bug lurks unfixed and ready to ambush with a frustrating forced repetition of orientation matches.

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