Apex Legends  FINAL FANTASY Rebirth Event

Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game by Respawn Entertainment, recently concluded an exciting crossover event with the upcoming FINAL FANTASYTM VII REBIRTH from Square Enix. The event brought iconic elements from the legendary RPG into the Apex arena from January 6th to 30th, 2024.

Overview of the Crossover Event

The Apex Legends X FINAL FANTASYTM VII REBIRTH event introduced a ton of new Final Fantasy-themed content into Apex for a limited time. Here’s a quick rundown of what players could experience during the event:

  • New Game Mode: A revamped battle royale called “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Takeover” with material hop-ups, Limit Break attacks, and more.
  • FFVII Weapons: Cloud’s iconic Buster Sword is a mythic melee weapon with a devastating Limit Break attack.
  • Themed Skins: Awesome FFVII-inspired legendary skins for Legends like Crypto as Cloud, Wraith as Tifa, and more.
  • Challenges & Rewards: Special daily challenges to earn Gil currency and limited-time cosmetics.
  • Map Decorations: The arena is decked out with Final Fantasy VII textures, models, and music.
  • Limited-Time Store: Event-exclusive weapon charms, banners, gun skins, and more.

Let’s explore the key features of this crossover event in more detail.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Takeover Mode

The most significant addition was a radically revised battle royale mode tailored around Final Fantasy VII. In the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Takeover, players experienced:

  • Materia Hop-Ups – These consumable buffs gave weapons unique elemental properties like Fire, Ice, Lightning, and more based on material from the Final Fantasy games.
  • Gil Currency – Players earned Gil by completing challenges, and scoring kills used to purchase limited-time cosmetics.
  • No Ring Collapsing – The ring didn’t continuously collapse, creating more strategic gameplay.
  • Limit Breaks – Charging up your ultimate meter enabled devastating Limit Break attacks.

This created a unique gameplay format that blended abilities from Final Fantasy with Apex Legends’ core gunplay and movement. The Final Fantasy VII elements mixed up the formula in exciting ways.

Apex Legends  FINAL FANTASY Rebirth Event

Buster Sword R5 – Mythic Melee Weapon

The most coveted prize was the Mythic Buster Sword universal melee skin. The R5 Buster Sword is Cloud Strife’s iconic enormous blade; any legend could equip this mythic skin. The Buster Sword was mighty in melee combat, capable of slaying foes in just 2-3 hits.

But that’s not all – after getting two kills, the Buster Sword unlocked its Limit Break attack. Triggering Limit Break unleashed Omnislash Version 5, instantly teleporting you to attack all enemies in range with a flashy barrage of slashes. This devastating area-of-effect attack was an absolute game-changer, allowing you to wipe whole squads in seconds.

The Mythic Buster Sword R5 was obtainable in special Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event Apex Packs available in the store for the duration of the event. After the event ended, it became a rare status symbol for players lucky enough to unlock it.

Themed Legend Skins

Several Legends received awesome epic skins inspired by classic Final Fantasy VII characters:

  • Cloud Crypto – Crypto looks like Cloud Strife, the protagonist of FFVII, with his enormous Buster Sword on his back.
  • Tifa Wraith – Wraith rocks Tifa Lockhart’s look with her iconic black outfit and flowing hair.
  • Aerith Horizon – Horizon gets beautiful skin inspired by Aerith Gainsborough’s dress and armor.
  • Yuffie Wattson – Wattson dressed up as the crafty ninja Yuffie Kisaragi, shuriken and all.
  • Barret Gibraltar – Gibraltar bulks up with Barret Wallace’s machine gun arm and burly style.

Some unique weapon skins made guns look like Final Fantasy staples, like the Crystal Crossbow and Fortune & Glory pistol skins modeled after Yuffie’s weapons. During the event, players could craft or purchase these Final Fantasy-flavored legendaries with premium currency (AC) or metals.

Daily Challenges & Rewards

Daily challenges Throughout the event allowed players to earn Gil currency used at the event prize track. There were three tiers of challenges:

  • No Game Overs – Easier challenges that awarded small amounts of Gil.
  • Cactuar Chic – Medium challenges that cited moderate Gil.
  • 7th Heaven – Harder challenges that awarded more enormous jackpots of Gil.

Completing all three challenge tiers awarded over 1,800 Gil per day. Challenges included tasks like:

  • Get X knockdowns with the Buster Sword
  • Deal X damage with material hop-ups
  • Survive X minutes in the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth LTM
  • Earn X kills as a FFVII legend skin

This Gil could be spent on exclusive event cosmetics like gun charms, banners, holo sprays, and account badges. These Final Fantasy goodies were only available by trading in Gil during the event.

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Themed Map Decorations

Aside from the new content, Respawn did a fantastic job reskinning the arena with Final Fantasy flavors. Kings Canyon was transformed with:

  • Textures & Models – Walls and floors were redone with Final Fantasy stonework, machines, and more.
  • Music – The game soundtrack was replaced with Final Fantasy VII Remake music.
  • Announcer – The average announcer was switched out for Sephiroth’s sinister voice.

This fully immersed players in the world of Final Fantasy VII while they battled it out. The attention to detail with the map changes was incredible and made the event memorable.

Returning to the Outlands

Now that the event has concluded on January 30th, 2024, Apex Legends returns to normal. Some remnants remain:

  • Players who unlocked FFVII legendary skins can still use them.
  • The Mythic Buster Sword is still in the inventories of those who acquired it.
  • Videos and screenshots capturing highlights will help memorialize the event.

Hopefully, Respawn will consider doing more awesome crossovers like this in the future. The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event gave players an experience they won’t forget, letting Legends enter the imaginative world of Final Fantasy VII for two glorious weeks. It was a legendary team-up that celebrated the stories and characters of both universes.

The Legacy Lives On

Though no longer playable, the Apex Legends X FINAL FANTASYTM VII REBIRTH event will be fondly remembered by players as one of the most ambitious crossovers. It brought plenty of new Final Fantasy VII fans into the Apex arena while showing love for the legendary RPG franchise.

We may no longer be material-hopping or slashing foes with Cloud’s Buster Sword, but the legacy lives on. The Mythic R5 Buster Sword will remain a status symbol for those lucky enough to unlock it. Fans are already clamoring for more collaborations between these two powerhouse games.

And with the release of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH coming in 2023, it’s a perfect time to revisit Midgar before jumping back into the Outlands. Though short-lived, the event was a creative crossover celebrating the best of both game worlds.


The Apex Legends X FINAL FANTASYTM VII REBIRTH event was an exciting collaboration for fans. It introduced new skins, weapons, challenges, and a unique Limited Time Mode to Apex Legends – creating a memorable mashup between the two games.

Though no longer playable, it provided a thrilling experience blending Apex’s frenetic battle royale action with iconic Final Fantasy VII elements like Cloud’s Buster Sword and material abilities. These themed additions mixed up gameplay in exciting ways.

The event may be over, but fans will remember it fondly. It was a creative crossover that paid tribute to Apex Legends and one of gaming’s most legendary RPGs. Here’s hoping we see more team-ups like this that bring fantastic new content into the Apex arena!

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