Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Puzzle Solution

Alan Wake 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2010 psychological thriller, was finally released earlier this year to critical acclaim. While the gripping story and horror atmospherics have captivated players, some of the game’s cryptic puzzles have left them stumped. One such brainteaser is the elusive Rock Rock Tree stash that players encounter in the Streamside region of Cauldron Lake. This tricky puzzle requires sharp observation skills and logic to decode. Fortunately, with the right approach, you can crack it quickly. Here’s a comprehensive guide to finding and unlocking the Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Puzzle.

Locating the Rock Rock Tree Stash

The first step is knowing where to look for this stash. It’s situated in the Streamside area of Cauldron Lake, specifically near a small cabin nestled in the woods. However, the catch is that this area is initially submerged in water when you first explore it. You must progress through the main story until a key event causes the lake’s water levels to recede dramatically. Only then can you access the stash location.

Specifically, the stash is hidden in the dried lakebed just south of the private cabin. Look for a small, rocky stream flowing through this area. The stash itself is tucked away on the eastern bank of this stream, atop a slight rise in the terrain. Equip your flashlight and scout the area thoroughly. With a keen eye, you should be able to spot a conspicuous wooden box tucked against a rock formation – that’s the stash.

Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Puzzle

Deciphering the Rock Rock Tree Clues

Approach the stash, and you’ll notice a cryptic note sitting on top that reads, “Rock rock tree, are you bright enough?”. This text is the core clue for cracking open the stash. Clearly, a puzzle is afoot, one that requires observing your surroundings sharply. Shine your flashlight around the stash location. You should notice:

  • A sum painted on the rock directly in front of the stash
  • Another sum painted on a tree to the left of the stash

The order of these sums as they relate to “rock rock tree” in the note is the key. Based on the text, the sums must be interpreted in the sequence – rock, rock, then tree. Solving the actual sums and writing down those numbers in the correct order gives you the code for the stash lock.

For example, in a typical playthrough, the sums are:

  • Rock 1: 3 + 3 = 6
  • Tree: 6 + 2 = 8
  • Rock 2: 7 – 2 = 5

Following the “rock rock tree” order gives the code 658. Of course, your exact sums may differ based on procedural generation. As long as you adhere to the sequence dictated by the note, uncovering the solution is straightforward.

Unlock the Stash

Once you’ve deduced the proper code, interact with the stash’s combination lock and input the numerical code. Provided you interpreted the rock rock tree clues correctly, the stash will pop open, granting you access to the sweet rewards within.

Inside the Rock Rock Tree stash, you’ll find several useful items:

  • A first aid kit – This restores a portion of your health when used.
  • A flare – Flares can be used to ward off Taken or illuminate dark areas.
  • A propane tank – These explosive tanks can be shot to damage foes.

With these tools in your arsenal, you’ll be better equipped to survive the supernatural horrors that await you.

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Tips for Solving the Puzzle

Here are some tips to streamline completing this brainteaser:

  • Ensure you have your flashlight equipped when investigating this area. The sums are painted surfaces that must be illuminated.
  • Thoroughly explore the stash area before attempting to solve the riddle. You want to locate all the numerical clues first.
  • Pay close attention to the “rock rock tree” sequence spelled out in the note. Following this order carefully is key to deducing the right code.
  • If you’re stuck, the solution for most players involves the digit 658. But be aware your sums may play out differently.
  • There are no enemies in the immediate stash area, so take your time to interpret the clues without pressure.

The Importance of Puzzles in Alan Wake 2

Riddles like the Rock Rock Tree stash showcase Remedy’s clever interweaving of gameplay and storytelling. The puzzles in Alan Wake 2 relay important themes by making you observe your environment for abstract clues and exercise deductive reasoning to interpret their meaning.

The stash puzzle exemplifies the overall mystique surrounding Cauldron Lake’s power to turn thoughts into reality. Searching for surreal numerical clues painted on objects echoes the unpredictable, almost dreamlike twists the lake is capable of producing. Solving the riddle feels like tapping into some of that bewildering creative force.

More broadly, overcoming puzzling obstacles engages players to put themselves in Alan’s shoes as he unravels an increasingly complex and distorted reality. We must adopt his meticulous, analytical approach to pierce through deception and make sense of the chaos. The satisfaction of solving a puzzle mirrors Alan’s journey toward truth.

So, in short, even an optional side puzzle like the Rock Rock Tree stash is intricately crafted to immerse you in the priorities of Alan’s plight. It’s not just a brain teaser – it’s a mechanism for drawing you into the compelling mystery at the heart of this superb game.


The Rock Rock Tree stash in Alan Wake 2 exemplifies Remedy’s knack for complementing thrilling action and an engaging storyline with entertaining, challenging puzzles. Solving the riddle requires tapping into Alan’s deductive mindset as supernatural mysteries mount. The rewards for cracking the puzzle are not only helpful items but also an enriched understanding of Alan’s harrowing plight. With patience and logic, you, too, can unlock the secrets of this cryptic stash. Doing so offers insight, resources and also squeful pride.

So, next time you’re exploring Cauldron Lake’s misty shores, keep an eye out for this hidden prize. If you haven’t played Alan Wake 2 yet, let the Rock Rock Tree puzzle entice you to take the plunge into its compelling, creepy world. Either way, unravelling the secrets of this tricky brainteaser will be a highlight on your thrilling journey through the return of this revered horror franchise.

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